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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I did my usually Monday night routine of lying in my bed and watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Along with that my friends and I talk about the ratchetness that conspires the next morning.  Now if you don’t watch it or just don’t know K.Michelle who is the ex GF of Memphitz who happen to be Toya Carter’s current husband.  Well, K.Michelle has made it no secret that her relationship with him was crazy and always high strung, so high strung that one day he hit her.  Allegedly, not just hit her but beat her down.  Now on the preview for the next episode Rashid, who is a friend of Memphitz questions, how sincere  the whole he hit me story was. *rolls eyes* that whole comment struck a chord with me for more than one reason… Who are you to even question something like that?!?!?! Even if you don’t believe her how dare you part your lips to say something like that?  Ok, I understand that dude is her friend but really ma’am?!?! Maybe the person he is now is not the person you can see doing that but you don’t know who he was before you met him and married your friend.  I don’t doubt that he was evolved but doubting the truth to her story is not the right move.  Personally, I have no reason not to believe her story, he even admitted to the lesser of him beatin her, only stating he choked her.  Now this morning I had a conversation with a “friend” and I use the term loosely about this upcoming episode and I couldn’t even begin to understand her view point…period…now I don’t share with every single friend I have about my past dealings because well everything aint for everybody but this morning was different.  She goes on a rant of hell, K.Michelle aint got no receipts, no police report no nothing. Smdh, I’ve been there and I have done that before and when you think you are in love you never want to see that person hurt or make him look bad.  So I understand why she made the decisions that she made, I made the same one.  It bothers me that someone would ever question something like that, I know that some women lie about things like that but I give anyone who makes that claim the benefit of the doubt.  Who in there rightmind has the time to come up with a story like that and keep it going for so long!?!?!  Frankly, its takes a strong person to admit to the world I was abused by this man and make moves with her life and career.  Looking past a situation like that can be a hard task and I know from firsthand experience that it can be a huge obstacle to overcome and move one…especially with another relationship if that ever happens.  It just makes me sad to know as a women Rashid would ever go against a statement like that, that at any given moment or time in her life she could have been in the same shoes and to be doubted from another female has to feel like…..I don’t think there is any words to express the feeling one has to experience at that moment.

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