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Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't Do It

We all know I have an love/hate relationships with weddings! I love to see black love but it just reminds me that I'm not there yet. Usually, I'm jealous of whomever is getting married and in my head i'm planning out how my wedding would be so much better but not this most recent time. I sat at the wedding of one of my friends and just wanted to scream DON'T DO IT! PLEASE DON'T DO IT!! but of course I didn't just smiled from ear to ear as we walked down the aisle trying not to bust out laughing at my friend Lyssa as she talked about how this was all bad.

I learned at her bridal shower weeks earlier that things aren't always what they seem, she tried to paint their relationship as all honey drops and sweet smelling flowers but I knew the truth. The truth is this marriage was rushed I mean but into overdrive like over night, in February they had just in engaged, she moved in with him and before I knew it she was on my phone telling me the engagement was off and she was coming back home. I knew that they would get back together but I never thought that would mean that the wedding was back on and moved up a whole two years....smh...two years. We sat around the day before her wedding crossing everything that needed to be done off her list when she dropped the bomb on everyone that he had cheated on her. Everyone looked at her waiting for more but she just continues on playing with her phone...he cheated on you and its no big deal is what left my mouth and with that she said yep..i love him we can't change it so i'm moving on past it. Okay with that being said I just knew it was many moons ago when this happened but to my surprise it was just 3 months ago *huge sigh* no one comments when she laid that out for us, we all just stared off into space. After her house cleared out and it was just 4 of us left she finally opened up about it...but all i heard was blah blah blah...have we learned nothing from Jennifer on #BBW has she not taught us that marrying a man who cheats on you right before the wedding is a bad idea?!? cuz the cheating doesn't stop.

I learned along time ago that I never offer my advice when not asked especially when it comes to cheating s/o. Her last words of the night to us was..."I love this man and his kids with all my heart. It was a one time thing and I can forgive him and move on....and I don't to loss him to anyone else so we getting married..PERIOD" so like any other good friend i supported her decision and watched her jump the broom with so many doubts in my mind. Yes i want her to be happy and all that good stuff i just don't want this to come back and bite her in the ass. I don't wanna see her broken like once before and being lost and confused about the situation. Granted maybe that was the one and only time her cheated on her which i doubt and maybe it will never happen again the risk are just too high.

I watched them say I do and a tear fell from my eye...that tear was not my usually i'm so happy for them i wish it was me...that tear was lawd i hope this works out well.....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Boo!!!

awwww I almost forgot!!! My boo has turned 2 years old!!1 Who would have known that after 2 years I still would be sometimes pouring my heart out and just randomly talking still to this day! I have been a bad blogger lately and not checking in as often as before but I'm working on that!!!

So as a gift to myself or rather my blog I'm going to take questions to be answered! I know there are alot of silent readers and I want to hear from them.....and of course my regulars and my faves.....so don't be shy drop me a question or two and they will become future blogs post....if don't wanna leave them in the comments email them to me...sunshinestar110@gmail.com

and thanks to everyone who keep reading I surly appreciate it!!!

*pops bottles*

let toast to another great year of love, heartache, happiness, sorrow and foolishness that keeps this thing going!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I was cleaning out my email inbox and ran across this poem that one of my friends Darnell Walker wrote. I remember when I first read it I feel in love with and wondered to myself if I will ever run into a man who will feel this way about me…

So here it is..

You Seem Familiar

It’s you
That future I moved out of the left lane for
Removed the durag that blinded my third
Eye for
To see the kids you always wanted
The yard they’d play in
And the boys the girls would bring
Home that I’d hate with all my heart
They grow up so fast
I grew up too slow
But if I had been grown for them
I wouldn’t have been able to grow with
It’s you
I covered tattoos for you and replaced
Them with a name tag
Threw out all my book bags
The day after Christmas
The day after the briefcase and the
The slacks and car keys
The bike won’t get me to work on time
And this is something worth working for
I wear loafers now
They don’t support my arch but they
Support the structure you’ve designed
My architect of designs withstanding
Understanding rain is necessary and
This building must be strong
This building must be quake proof
And the seeds will have to wait until
The building can prove itself
To you
I’ve planned wars and left the pen on
The table next to the plans hoping
You’d find them and win
I may not be strong enough to fight
But can carry anything you hand me
I’ll cut the cord but you’d be the first to hold her
You’ve got the whole world in your
That ring wasn’t placed there for vanity
That baby wasn’t placed there for
I can only move a block at a time
Gentrify this chess board
You came my way fast
It’s you
The queen strong enough to put
My kids in
The beautiful one sitting beside me on
The train
It’s nice to meet you