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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Blogging has been a struggle for me lately….mostly because nothing interesting is happening in my life currently. I take that back something has happened but I’m not sure I want to blog about it yet and if it turns out for the better I’ll let the blog world know.  One of friends recently disclosed to me she was pregnant….I didn’t know what to say part of me was crying inside because I probably will never have that and the other side was extremely happy although she didn’t act like she felt that way….

I feel like the summer is just speeding right past me.  These long days and short weekends have left me blinking and being right back at work.  I know I need a vacation because my body is tired….very tired…I just want to lay back on a beach, sip liquor and not have a cell phone nor laptop to bother me. 

I thought I was going to be hurt much longer because one of my “friends” didn’t show up for my birthday dinner but you know what …I wasn’t I mean I honestly wanted to be because we use to be so close but now I’m more like fuck it.  I’ve tired…and tired but I can admit that what we once shared is gone…especially since I haven’t heard from her since I declined to attend a kid’s party with her.

What can I say about the relationship that I’m in………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. it is at it’s struggle point for a list of reason but as much as it is a struggle I love that boy…even with all the disappointments I can’t get him out of my system…..so I thought but yeah….I’m gonna hold off on that until the summer plays it out and then revisit we will do.

School is has taken over my life along with work…it is just not enough hours in the day for me to read these chapters, answers these and questions and write a paper every week.  Shit I barely have time to eat sleep and work ….

Afternoon Delight...It's back!!!

Ray Edwards
Atlanta Falcons

Friday, June 15, 2012

Songs about Her...I love it!

Now…if you don’t know let me tell you that I’m a rap head if you jump in my car right now you will find anything from Too $hort to 2Chainz but wait there is always some good non rap music in my car……that lead us to why I’m writing this post…

So today I was searching on datpiff to listening to some mixtapes I have not given any play to and I ran across Song About Her by Emanny. I have heard of this guy before from one of my friends and I will admit I paid her no mind and had no interest in this light skin brother……but…I love this mixtape…Its been for heavy play for the past couple of hours at my desk and Im sure the men I work with are truly over the cd but IDK!! I loved it so much that I’m sharing a song or two with you guys…..these are my faves…….

Better Late Than Never

OMG....I can't believe that this day which was June 4th totally passed me by...Lawd its my blogs birthday!! I can't believe I just forgot about my boo..shame on me...smdh.....i know now that i have been wrapped but in everything but blogging!!

My boo tunred 3 years old this month!!! and i had no clue that it would even last this long...when i started it was because i was bored at my former job but now I really do enjoy blogging and reading some of my favorite blogs...I swear nim going to try so much harder to blog often but everything in my life is actually calm..who knew?!?!? I will knock one out for next week i swear!!!! And I need to get back on my afternoon delight tip...Lawd i miss it...

So once again thanks for reading and most importantly thanks for blogging yourself i truly enjoy all the blogs i read....

Happy Birthday Again U don't like my opion that's fine!!!! wow 3 years!!! let's make it to 4

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My current thoughts

My feeling got hurt today….and for me to confess to that must really mean it bothered me.  I never really express or tell anyone when they have disappointed me or hurt my feeling but trust me it happens and sometimes often.  I was brought up to never let them see you sweat, so I never do.  I think sometimes I give too much, I do it without seconding guessing myself and never expecting anything in return, my huge heart has gotten my feelings hurt…a lot…a lot…Today is really one of those days.  I spent most of my day excited about  a date that was supposed to happen, I was excited about the place and just spending some time with a friend without us checking the time or rushing from place to place.  Now this date has been supposed to be happening since my birthday,  yep a month of cancelling and rescheduling, so when we agreed on today..well actually is was supposed to be Monday but of they cancelled I got excited…I needed the mental break it was gonna give me a moment away from work, school, Lil Richmond just some well needed giggles and conversation. Just as soon as the excited set in it was quickly put out by the text saying…Yeah, today is not good for me..I kinda knew this was going to be the way things were gonna go but I rolled with it.  So I spent the next  30 minutes trying to arrange a different day and time just to the point where it became more a task than anything else…So opted to forget all about it as a whole it was going to be September  by the time this all went down.  I set myself up for this kind of hurt feeling because I have a big heart so I would find a way to make it happen if it was me and I give others the benefit of the doubt that they will do the same and that is not always the case.  When it doesn’t happen even for my “birthday” it bothers me and I tell myself it won’t but it does.  I tell myself that ill take mental note of that and not go above the call of duty for that person but……I always do anyway.  This friend and I have been friends for 10 years now and this is how it always plays out for me and them.  I know the hust must be strong cuz im blogging about it any person could’ve done this and I probably would’ve been mad and then shook it off but this time I couldn’t or just can’t.  I guess this just how the cookie crumbles for me.