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Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm from the "M" in the DMV(D.C.,Maryland, and Virginia) and usually I don't really get down with all the local rappers who run around the DMV shooting bootleg videos and selling there homemade Cd's, but there one rapper from here who has really changed my whole mentality on home grown rap stars and that would be Wale'!!! So all weekend I was riding with my Wale' mixtape blasting from the speakers...Its just something about Wale'! So i decided I needed to inform the whole Blogger world of my new favorite rapper!!!!

I first met Wale' when him and i attended the same college. He use to drive me crazy, rapping all the f***ing time, walking down halls, in the food court everywhere u could count on Wale' to spit a line or two!!!....So after all these year Wale' is finally putting The DMV on the map..Thanks Wale'
and he is my ring tome on my phone..Flier than the rest of them and still got my Nike boots!!! ya'll might not know nothing about that its a DMV thing!!!!

So this is my shout out to Wale' for giving good music a hope once again....

P.S. Ok I'm a blogger virgin and I just couldn't figure out how to put a music player on here so u could hear a lil of Wale'.

Friday, June 26, 2009

When are u having one....

"When are u having one of your own?!" those are words my Aunt Toosie said to me last night and for the past 5 yrs of my life she will drop that line in once or twice a year to see were my head is at. Babies, Babies, Babies...that seems to be on every ones minds for me this year. From my father who said to me a couple of months ago..let me get my deep grown man voice on for you real quick.hmmmm..." Baby D, I ain't getting no younger or faster so you and "Bird" need to have a baby or two before I get senile and slow!"...What old man! are you serious?!...and then it was my Bff Robbie who called to inform me that while he's in law school in Miami that I need to work on having a baby for him to spoil. Aunt V, called two days ago to ask "Are you pregnant yet? Your biological clock is ticking, don't wait to long.." Okay people whats the deal?? Why are babies the new topic for me and my family. I remember when I got the "talk" when i was 16 and my cousin who was also 16 too got pregnant and my mother made it seem like the plague and i needed to stay way from her and her growing belly. I'm 26 yrs old...no sons, no daughters and i thought i was doing good, better than most of my female cousins. All of them have beaten me out in the race of babies, even the ones that are a few years younger than me have got there mommy badges and moved on..me on the other hand I just bask in there glory...better them than me. Don't get me wrong i love children and I do want a baby or two but not right now, My life is too hectic to add a baby into the equation and i thought my family knew that but.....I guess not. I want to be stable and ready for a baby not winging it. I want to finish up school, get a career not a job, have a house with a picket fence, and a MAN of course, a husband not a boyfriend. When i told all these things to Aunt Toosie, she laughed and laughed and said by the time you do all that you'll be about 40!!!! and it will be too late!! Thanks Aunt Toosie for all the support!!! Babies are wonderful gifts from god and i want to be able provide my child with with the best and right now is just not the time for that beside i need to line up a boyfriend before I even can think about marriage or babies and BOYFRIENDS are a whole different story!! My friends are beginning to have babies and be mommies, so even more added pressure. Me..I'm think am just going to stick to the Auntie roll!!!! The kids like her better anyway!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Its Tuesday people and its another installment of SEX OR DIE!!! and today it is...
D.J. Augustin

Now, me and my cousin had an big fight about this one. I say DIE and she says SEX. I think he is cute but he does nothing for me. Maybe because I like them tall and dark, he is tall but dark he is not!! So I would have to say DIE!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Worthless..back at it again!!!

"Worthless" and I have been on do not call, text or email thing for awhile now...He owes me money and if you are not calling because you want to give it to me...then don't contact me at all. On Monday he sends me a text(he's a Bitch...doesn't have enough balls to call me like a man) saying I'll have your money on Thursday so i never have to see you again!!! Cool...that's all i want from him anyway, but and yes there is a but I know his worthless ass all to well so that text was to buy him some time before I take his ass to small claims court for my money plus interest...So the next time I see his crazy ass is when I'm on my way to work and walk outside and he is sitting on my car with basketball shorts and beater like he's been waiting on me all night...which he might have I was clearly somewhere else with someone who can do me right instead of your lame just can't find the hole ass...anywhoo...he starts ranting on about how i won't talk or answer his facebook messages..I said nothing got to my car door and said ...Street code..get familiar with it!!! LMAO and I never heard from him until...THURSDAY!!!! NowI wasn't going to call him or text him asking for my money because I'm above that!!! You know you owe me money and you would want to pay me before I distory your life and your credit...Plz ask about me!!!! needless to say he send yet another text trying to buy himself yet more time..but the clock has run out boo boo..sorry..he tried to convince me that he was at JOB TRAINING...Ha!! now that is funny i have known him for 3 years and he has never held down a job...I mean never maybe worked a couple months at a time but never on a regular basis. So me being the mean bitch i can be i say..

Me: and??? what does that have to do with me
I'm trying to better myself, i have been through alot this year and u know that.
well good for u so where is my money? Its cool I'll see you in court so you can have all my money plus interest you ass hole..GAMEOVER..
You are such an ugly person you should work on the inner you!!! (now I'm thinking is this Nigga serious!! he can't be)
boy plz...u must not know the inner me is just as a bitch..u fuckin' asshole...lol..
You will get your money when i give it to you
really...I hope its soon for your sake and i hope u beat the court date cuz I'm over you and this game u play!!! You ain't shit and a bitch that's why you textin this bull and not calling me with it!!!
U acting like bitch right now
fuck u...dirty bastard!
did that and it was the worse. (so right about now I'm laughing because I'm about too hurt his feelings)
and....do u think the dick was good cause it wasn't. I got tired of Bird coming along an fixin' what u messed up!! and Bird been ridin' the ride for seven years so maybe you should work your inner self. step your sex game up u lame ass nigga.

U talk big shit for such a little nigga..this convo is over before I have you on the floor cryin' and side note if I'm a bitch, YO MAMA IS A BITCH!! Holla at me!!

and it ended with that. Now Worthless is not built from the same cloth as me!! He talks Big Boy business like he's a force to to reckoned with but this is the same man I had standing on my front steps with tears running down his cheeks when I put some real Big boys on his ass and he wanted me to call it off..he was tired of watching his back!!! and sure don't know why..lol..i never sent anyone after him just had him thinking so...mind control man...lol..mind control its funny how people change up when things get real!! So bright and early Monday morning its off the the lawyers office to get started with my case which I'm sure to win and just to be the bitch i can be its off to the police station to file for a restraining order..just to add a lil fuel to the fire. He sent me a text this morning Saying I should watch my back in these streets cuz anything can happen to me!!!!..so i responded with Thanks for the warning....lol...good ole Worthless what I do without his comedy once in awhile!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You're Just A Girl!!!

OK..so today I had lunch with some of my fave men...Cousin Bryan, God brother Jermaine and friend Geordan I can always count on them for advice. So we get to talking about The NBA finals and who got game who doesn't. Well, since I was brought up on b-ball I chimed in with my thoughts , everything is going well until good ole Geordan blurts out...."You are just a girl!!! You shouldn't know sports"
Me being the smart ass that i am I say" Fuck you Geordan!! you just mad I know more than the average male!" okay so that's when all hell broke loose...not that anyone was mad they know and love me, I just didn't want to have this tired ass discussion with them but looks like we were and we did.

My group of fave men continued on with there rant and rave about me and how I need to change so I can.. and I quote"HAVE A MAN AND NOT BE ALONE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!"...How rude wrong. They me told me if ever want that million dollar athlete husband that I want I need to work .I choose to be alone..well...I'm saving my heart for Bird which we all know that!! They spoke on a lot of "ISSUES" they say i have like....Being MEAN..OK OK i do confess, I'm not the Nice's person at times. I can be pretty damn mean and i blame some of that on my surroundings. I grew up running with the boys so it was do or die with them, u either hold your own or keep it moving...so some of my smartness and meanness...is that word? comes from always being the only girl and standing up for myself. Even as I got older they were still mean to me, they said it would pay off in the end and it did a lil. Now I take no shit and can hold my own!! so I accept my meanness? and I'm working on being a little nicer!!! Secondly, they bring up that i am very knowledgeable about Sports. OK well my bad..I love sports always have and always will..especially Basketball!!! They informed me that no man wants a girl who is too sports savvy!!!! They want to be the ones who know everything and u depend on him for knowledge not him depending you....That's funny i thought men wanted a women who could watch sports with them Actually know what going on..My male support group enlighten me sports is there thing and they don't want a GIRL to be apart of that!!! Last but not least they said I'm TOO INDEPENDENT or which Jermaine happily stated that some times I'm too STRONG MINDED!! Were they serious???...I was just brought up to know that u never depend on a man for anything...not just men don't depend on ANYONE for anything!!! Go for it yourself. Its better to be let down by your own self than someone else. I guess some guys feel that all these things are threats. I guess that's why I haven't had an worth while boyfriend in YEARS!!!! I thought that all these things set me apart from the rest..I thought it made me stand out more but I guess I was wrong they said someone with money just isn't going to stand for it!!! lol...that's all i could do was LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

Well, maybe they are right!!! maybe i will be a lonely smart ass, sport savvy independent women for the rest of my life!!! which doesn't sound to bad to me!! the only conclusion i could come up with from this that BOYS ARE STUPID!!!!!!


Its Tuesday and in tribute to The Orlando Magic who quite couldn't pull out a win to beat the Lakers....Our Sex or Not...is DWIGHT HOWARD

Sex, Sex and more Sex!!! I love this man!!! probably just as much as I love Kobe if not more. He is so so very sexy and he is what my future husband should look like!!! Tall, Dark and Handsome!!! SEX SEX SEX!!!! as much as possible.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I love Him..He loves me not???

So, after a short wait i;m back in business!!!! anywhooo....Love and I did brake up...well kinda broke up. I let high school, inmate and worthless go and gone they are but there is one Love i can never seem to shake..BIRD!!! my heart belongs to him no matter how many years pass, how many boyfriends i get and still love bird!!!

I met "Bird" hmmmm...maybe about 7yrs. ago, I was sitting at my aunts house with room full of million dollar men and he was all i wanted. He was the one I didn't know. My cuzzo i got drafted a 1 year before i met him so i was use to all these NBA players being around and knew how they all rolled...nasty ass hell..so i stayed clear of them.They were good for entertainment and that's it. But to make a long story short we met...became friends , which my cousin was not to happy about and now we are at present day....

My relationship with "Bird" is the best of every aspect..we have great chemistry, good friendship, and the grown up stuff we do is spectacular too!! it can't get no better than this. For the past 7 years i have been apart of his world for every street ball game in the hood...I've been there, every random celebrity basketball game he has played in..I've been there and for every time he has left me and went over seas to play ball..I've been there to email and talked to while he adjusted in a new country I have given more of me than I give most boyfriends. As the years have passed i have loved him from a distance.....*sigh well i have always loved him and now that I'm older i want my love from a distance to be so much more. Bird is all i truly want...don't get me wrong i still do me and do my own thing. I go on dates and have had a couple a boyfriends over the years but my heart still lies with Bird!! When I'm not with him, I want to be..When I'm with someone else I'm thinking about when i can get away to see Bird...goosh...I think I got it bad...real bad!!!! I have find myself calling him if we haven't spoken in a couple of days just to hear his voice....I recently discovered that if i catch him at the right moment...like leaving the club, wrapping up a long work day or finishing up a basketball game he'll come over and fall asleep in my bed and I get to spend one more day with him...lol...Does that sound crazy?? he is everything i ever wanted in a man..tall, dark, handsome, well educated, has a job, loves Basketball and can put it down in the bedroom..Bird is what my future husband should be.

So while i may love him...IDK if he loves me back!!! I tell him from time to time that he ever found a girlfriend i would be so heart broken...he laughs me off and says"our love is too strong for that!!, so if i do u will be forever apart me!" TRUE...maybe but I hope that time never comes. My friend have suggested maybe I should tell him about how I feel toward him about how he is all i can think of...but I did once and it didn't go off as well as I wanted it to. We smiled and laughed me off like a pure joke.it bruised my soul!!!! and now i just leave it be..maybe I'm just too scared that if we talk about it again he'll leave me alone and I'll lose him...i know at 26 that should not be part of my fears but it is!!!

I love him and he loves me not..So what is a girl suppose do???

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Since we are down to the last set of final games I thought it would only be right to dedicate all of June to Basketball players starting with my fave.... Kobe Bryant

Sex..of course. I have no real answer for why I would but that I love him!!! He is usually not the kind of guy i would go for on a regular day but I love me some him!!! I love his arrogance and his style...He could call me any day!!



Okay you guys have to work with me, I 'm new to this blogging thing so its taking me time to work out all the details...

But i did decide that every Tuesday will be "SEX or Not??" Day. Its a game I play with my cousin all the time! we come up with different men some famous some not and email to each other with the title "SEX OR NOT?" then we have to say why we would have sex with this person or why not...some of our answer are personal some our funny. Its kind of fun...so i hope you guys will enjoy it too!!

Friends!!...How many of us have them????

Friends are something I always had especially in my younger days when I had more Friends than i can count, but now at 26 yrs old my friend circle has dwindled to only a few. Out of that few only a chosen couple are my true friends.

Loyalty is one of the biggest factors i live my life by and value my friendships with, but i learned that some of my "friends" weren't as loyal as me. I have always been open about my life with my friends. I have whole another friendship circle outside of them that consist of my boys I grew up with. I keep those worlds separate for a reason. I grew up in a not so nice area so i grew up with boys who turned to the streets for support. Some of my female friends didn't experience the life that i lived so they don't really get it.
Because of this i make it a point to keep them in two different worlds. I always stress to them that I prefer for them not to date them just give me my space when i 'm not with them I like to be one of the boys minus the girls. I thought everyone understood this because we have been friends for so long but i guess one of them missed the memo. S.D. took it upon herself to go behind my back pursue one of them...well at least she thought it was behind my back!!! I wasn't mad about the situation i was mad behind the betrayal. When i comforted her about it she basically brushed me off and haven't talked since...one month later...so my friend circle just got smaller......

Now me and T.C. have been through alot over the past 7 yrs. from sneaking out to meet boys to being there for her when she found out she was pregnant. I thought our friendship was air tight but i guess i was wrong. It all started the moment she got a lil boy toy and things took a turn for the worse. Our friendship became far and in between. She later told one other friend that I can't relate to her because i have no children and no boyfriend so we have nothing to talk about! OK children maybe not but Boyfriend??? I think not. I choose to be single..I'm trying to make a better singular before I can make a better plural. When i say we don't talk at all i mean nothing!! I might send her a text once in a while ...which she doesn't answer..but at least i tried. Last week she wrote this very amusing blog...about friends and we all knew she was taking about me and its cool. You live and You learn. 2 down the circle just got smaller!!!

So to my remaining friend which isn't many. Thank you guys for always remaining loyal and there for me when i thought i couldn't do it anymore. Thank you for always remaining constant in a world of change!!! I love you guys.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love and I are breaking up tonite....

Where should I start with me and that thing called Love.....

Love and I have been through a lot over my 26 years on this earth..I remember when Love was simple and easy. He likes you, you like him...He brings you little gifts and in return you hold his hand at recess!! Those were the days!!! Now love is so much more now than a gift there and a little kiss here.
Love has taken me on a roller coaster ride that never seems to end.

My first real love was when I was about 14 or15 years old, a freshman in high school you couldn't tell me nothing. He was a junior and the hottest thing on the block because everyone wanted him, but i was the one who got him!!! He took me through a lot over the next couple of yrs.From fist fights with girls out from my house to having babies with my friends. I was in love him and stood by his side through it all. Until one day I was grew up....and moved on

Then it was the "inmate" When met him he was the greatest, his only down fall was he just had to be home by 10pm. I thought it was because He just had strict grandparent but i later found out that was because his ass was on HOUSE ARREST!!! but me I continued on with him and his controlling ways..Why u ask??...Because i was in LOVE!!! He kept me away from my Friends ,family I only had time for him. He put me in the middle of his drama..from selling drugs till him getting 21yrs in prison.
I stood by him and later found out they he stood by a lot of females. I closed that chapter and moved on to a new one.... he broke my heart too..just like my high school love.

Then it was "Worthless". I knew him since elementary school..he treated me so bad then but we got together later and life and i found out that he was good for nothing. NO JOB, NO MONEY, NO CAR...NOTHING!!! Just pure worthless, but once again he made me feel some type of way and I loved him for that. that chapter is closing as we speak...

Love has thrown me nothing but curve balls and Love continues to do so ...through all those bad relationships it has been one Love who has always been consistent through it all...hmmm lets call him "Bird"
Bird and i have always had an good relationship..NO drama, no Problems and from the first day I met him, I loved him!!! he watched me grow up into the women i am today. Its kinda like the Bow wow song goes..when I'm with somebody all i think about is you...when I'm alone all i think about is you. he is always on my mind!!! When I'm with other people I always compare them to Bird and they don't match up. For 7 yrs I have loved him and its not anything I wouldn't do for him. He's the greatest!!! a good friend, listener, good support system, always there for me.. and the sex is WONDERFUL!!! but there is a problem...i don't know if he loves me the way i love him! when i express how deep my feelings run for him he just sidelines it and never talks about it again.I'm scared that i will be stuck in the friend zone forever with him and lord know I love him and want so much more, but instead of getting my heart broke again by this man...I'm just going to break up with Love tonight and send him on his way.
Oh love we have been through a lot but my heart can't take anymore..so tonight Love and I will part way. Maybe Love will find me again, holding on to love had to end...

I'm going to miss you love....


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