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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today's Random thoughts

Why do people dislike Nicki minaj so much? I personally like her and aint mad at her for finding her fit and running with it....

I heard alotof people critize Tyler Perry's movies from Madea to his current movie which i forgot the name of. It made me think we complain so much about not having enough afrian american movies available to us and we do get them all we do is find 500 different things wrong with the producer and movie.

I took alittle advice from Freckles about finding a realtionship with my mother and needless to say it went wrong and fast...so do I try again or just leave things as they be?

I really don't like Kid cudi...why?..i don't know! He is my nerd crush i just can't rock with him nor his music*shrugs*

I thought about making a phone to a friend I let go a year ago...and then I stopped myself....why should I? Did she do the same for you...nope *closes phone*

Oh Bird how I love thee...oh Bird how I almost let you ruin my life...*writes the end at his chaper*

Maybe Khaki is right, I'm a little hard on the men in my life i never give them time to prove themselves before I cut the rope that bonds us...hmmmm maybe ill work on that in 2011

You all will be proud to know that my sexting game has stepped up awhole do to much practice...lol..I was forced into it.

I thought about bettering some relationships i have with people in 2011....this has weighed heavy on my mind for awhile now but then i always think to myself...people always talk about the wrongs you did to them, the sadness you caused them but they never bring up all of the same things they have done to you....Why should I care if they don't? why should I force a better relationship when they don't do the same....lets see what 2011 brings with that.

Lord knows I love my mother but we are just clearly mother and daughter...I use to envy the relationship my sister has with her but I now i accept what we have which is....she being my mother and I being her daughter....she proved that to me the beginning of the month...she made it very clear.

I'm just too old to be clubbin anymore! lol..of course i enjoy a club outing from time to time but living it up all weekend ahd put a hurt on my body! lol

My 10 year class reunion is coming..*straight face* Haven't decided if I'm going or not....those years are bitter sweet for me and I talk to all the people who i wanted to continue a relationship with.

Lil Richmond as survived most 2010...and looks like he is heading into 2011 with us....I'm shocked because i'm usually over dudes by this time!.....lol

This school thing is overrated and I can't wait for it to be over...I thought about going straight for my master's degree but yeah it doesn't look too good for that right now!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I missed yall!!!

I swear I missed yall.....

I realized the other day it has been awhile since i have blogged *surprised face*. Some of that has to do with school taking over all aspects of my life *throws books*, my job blocking blogger at work *flips desk over* and the fact I have a small case of writer's block *sobs* but do to much encouragement from Krissy and some others i decided to would be a great day to blog because my football teams sucks and i shall not watch anymore more football game until the super bowl *takes down cowboys flag and puts up Lakers flag*

Until last night i really hadn't had anything to inspire a blog or two but ha!! I'm back..I think :/...well at least for now i do...

I had a lunch date with my boo Khaki (hey boo) and of course like always she grills me about my love life and the why's and why not's of why me and lil Richmond aren't in a real relationship..*side eye* lol...i hate her,the heffa has been trying to marry off for the past year or so....of course like the great friend she is she points out all my faults and she was right maybe it is me who is so hesitant on being in a relationship with him....and before anyway says it....it's not because of I can't let Bird go because he gone for the most part....I think I'm just comfortable with what we have now present day. It is so great that I don't want to rock the boat and make this good thing turn into something bad *sigh* I have rushed into alot situations in my 27 years and they have all ended badly..hints my last real relationship was the worse of the worse and don't want to do that again...ever... I guess I am taking a while to be exclusively him and just him....for the most part I am...i mean is my main piece the star player but i do keep a couple of the team just in case..don't judge me...I can admit that I do have an commitment issue and that is probably one of the reasons I'm just holding my spot at the not quite a his girlfriend area. Khaki repeatedly asked me how long do I plan to be just "messing" with him before i decide that being his girlfriend is what I wanted to be. I still don't have a answer tot hat question because i really don't know...maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, maybe next year I can't say..maybe I'm just waiting on his move, waiting for him to bring that up to me. I'm sort of old fashion girl when it comes to things like that I want him to take the lead but i can see how men can be confused when it comes to me and that because i such a a take charge and aggressive demeanor they usually wait on my move..which may never happen.

So with all that said and i think i went off track but who cares.....my question is....