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Monday, May 21, 2012

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Something You Fear

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's a Celebration

Well, Well, the best time of the years has come around….MY BIRTHDAY! I’m celebrating my 21st birthday for the 8th time and it feels great to just stay the perfect age…lol…A lot of things have brought me great joy today…first my Aunt dropping some $$$ on her favorite niece! Lil Richmond buying the Michael Kors Watch I have been dying for and the Chocolate covered Straberries that came…lol….i’m gonna have to post the card so yall can laugh like I did…..

Anyway keeping in tradition of my blog let do what I always do….. my grammy award speech *clears throat*….*runs to the stage*

*wipes tears*

First, thank God for granting me another day and another year of life. I once questioned my faith in god after I lost Ro, I see more and more everyday he is always taking of care me.

I’ve learned a lot about myself this year…I learned that I’m capable of forgiving, which was something I struggled with. Also, I learned don’t be scared to beloved and love, I love hard so I’m always scared that its not gonna last but Lil Richmond is holding on strong. He definitely filled a void in my heart that I once had..I thank god for planting him in my life. Last but not least I learned that this year I’m a little bit stronger than I was last year…times have been extreme hard this past year but I got through it and it has made tougher than before.

I got lil bit of plans this weekend..maybe some drunken fun pics will land itself here…we will have to see.

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Best Friend

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

They're a Package

*phone rings*

*trying hard to find it in the bottom of my purse*

Me: Hello?

Friend: what you doing chile?

Me: At Old Navy before the rift raft wakes up and turn the store upside down

Friend: *sigh* already girrlllaaa you don’t play lol

Me: Yeah, had to cop some stuff for my nieces and Lil Richmond’s kids their bdays are right after mine

Friend: Girl, why u always spending your money on them….they are not your kids

Me: *silence*

Friend: I’ve been with Andrew for 6 years and have never brought anything for his daughter nor do I plan too.

Me: well, that says a lot about a lot of things and I’ll call u later

Friend: to each’s own right?!?


This conversation with her weighed on my mind heavy for days maybe because I really didn’t understand where she was coming from…well I kinda did but was she for real. You been entertaining a dude you say for years and not once thought of his daughter? Like never? Do you think he hasn’t took heed of that?!? Because trust me he has and mental noted the kind of person you are. I was always taught that men with children are a packaged deal, if you want to have a chance with the man. I guess I can respect what she was saying but I would never forget about the kids because who knows those could be your step children or the reason why you will never be nothing but his girlfriend for the rest of your life. Maybe she never got the memo about men with children but she should damn sure read it, because if the kid or kids don’t party with you he usually doesn’t either and I would never want that for him nor me. I asked her what if you were the one with a child who you want him to never take heed of your child? Would that be ok? And the answer made me mad…”I wouldn’t care” but ma’am you should and im sure he does and if he doesn’t what kind of man is that? I’m not a big fan of men with kids but at this age most people have them so I accept it and I never forget about the children at all. I never want them to feel left out of what is going on or rather not accepted by me. I think some females forget that men with children are a package you just don’t get him without the children. It says a lot about your character when you show no interest in the kids, do you think you can marry this man, have his baby and he will forget about his other children ma’am that will never happen..Ever. I would never personally..if I had children deal with a man who could care less about my child, I might entertain but the relationship would be so short term. I Don’t think she knows how hard I judged her after this convo, I mean it spoke volumes to me…huge volumes on the type of person she is and if he doesn’t care about her not being interested in his child the kind of men she likes. When you gain a man who had children, you gain the children like or not.

RIP Basketball Wives

I use to love Basketball Wives, every Monday I would tune in non stop to watch what drama was gonna take place. From Tami and Evelyn to Tami and Meeka I wanted in on it, but this season I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the crap anymore. I only tuned in last night for a brief second to see this crazy shit that all the blogs were talking with Tami. I was shocked by her high school mean girl actions to think she was once my fave on the show. All I could was smh at the actions of Tami who had the nerve a couple weeks ago to say that she is being bullied*confused face* ma’am really?!?! Bullied?! Yeah ok. From the moment Kesha stepped on the scene Tami strong armed her and last night I couldn’t believe the shit that was going down nor could I understand why Kesha ain’t pop Tami Rowan ass right in the mouth. I also read Tami’s weak ass apology for her action and I laughed at how dry it was, she also blamed the producers for the portrayal of her on the show and how they only show them acting crazy. Ma’am its being showed because that is what you did, NO ONE made you steal Kesha purse go through her phone and put on her sunglasses you did that on your own trying to prove that you are the baddest bitch….

I stopped last night and laughed at how these chicks believe that Shaunie is there friend and all she does is furnish the non sense and encouraged the foolishness..She is the puppet master…her name is the executive producer so you know what that means she ok’s everything that is filmed on the show…maybe they forgot that. Do they never take heed that you never not once she anything with Shaunie take place..Nothing..No drama at all…ok that lil incident with Gloria 2 seasons ago but she is also on that payroll too Basketball wives LA she executive produces. Every time I watch the show I get angry and have to turn the station, I can’t believe the stupid shit that goes on…Jennifer gets popped in the mouth by Evelyn’s assistant, Evelyn hits Jennifer in the head with her purse…Tami bullies Kesha, Suzie is just being stupid Suzie it all makes me sick to my stomach, also I’m always trynna figure out why these chicks never react….let me tell you this it would be nowhere in hell that after some of this shit goes down that I would be still on the show and not punched a couple in the throat. The show is pure trash and I knew that from the start but I just hoped that the people casted on the show would see that too but I think they are more concerned on the $$$ and their 15 minutes of fame. With that said can wait until we RIP basketball wives because I’m certainly over the trash!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Nails of the Week

We can thank CB and his
new toy line Dum English
for this design!

Day 7 May Photo Challenge


Get a good look at him cuz this pic is leaving in the morning..lol

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Day 5 May Photo Challenge

Something you can't live without

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 2 May Photo Challenge

Favoirte Color


I had a couple of blogs I have been dying to write and every time I attempted to…I found myself doing other things…smdh…Lawd knows I need to do better!!!

Random Thoughts!

My 29th birthday is 15 days away and I’m so not feeling it.

Working these 9 hours days and going to school is draining me…dry…I have no energy to do anything but sleep…and sometimes eat.

I have been having dreams about Ace Hood…..I might be in love lmaooo

The screenshot feature was one of the worst things that ever happened to people because I know I stay grabbing a shot and sharing the foolishness with others….

Instagram….the best way to see that some ppl have no lives at all….with that said follow me @juiceboxbunny

My brother is having his 40th bday party in July….but he was born December…smh I’m so confused r rather he confused.

I’m taking a break from purchasing anymore shoes until…July 31st! lawd pray for me.

The Jordan retros showed up to my house the other day…and I was so excited about it…and then it set in that they aren’t even for me…*sigh*

I can’t stand this midget I work with.

I can’t stand with jolly green giant I work with.

My boss is the sweetest guy in the world but his breath smells like hot trash all the damn time…all the time…even when he chews gum….

Day 27

I'm sooo over this challenge but I shall ride it out to the end....smdh

What is your favorite part of your body and why?

Let see here, I have two favorite body part but let me go with my calves. I played sports all my life and spent most of my childhood as a cheerleader. You had to have strong legs to pull off majority of all the things we did..from stunts to just cheering your legs had to be strong. With all those years of sports, my calves look excellent!!!! They are toned and muscular!!! I thought after all these years of not being that active that they would’ve lost its tone but…nope and after a trip to the gym they look even better. I often get compliments about how toned they are and what am I doing to achieve that..Absolutely nothing!! I could like to thank gave for giving me those…but I did want a lil bit of butt…I guess I need to work with I got!!! Yaaayyy for my calves.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 26

What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

At first I wasn't going to answer this question because ehhh I just didn't care too much for it...but after sitting at my desk being bored and now I'm back..

I think that the notion that skinny is better than average is a huge notion the world has wrong.  Present day the world is filled of pictures of female who fit the so called standards of pretty.  Its rare that a picture of a female who looks like me is ever considered pretty...or if so she is the pretty fat girl.  It took me years to be able to walk around with my head up high because I always felt unpretty.  I look at young girls today and become said at what i see...they have no hope in believing they are just as pretty as what the world dubs as pretty.  The world forgets that one of the most beautiful people wa Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 at her smallest and 14 at her heaviest but do we say oh she was pretty for a fat girl...NO!  We are so confused at what is baeutiful and girls growing up now will suffer from it...beautiful is not your size its about who you are in the inside...that seems to be the parts the world misses now.

Day 1 Self Portrait

I love this pic because I look super