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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Word..

Saw this over at Life, Love, Sex & All That Jazz and decided since i don't have anything else to do while sitting at this boring ass job might has well do this ...here it goes...

Hair- short, straight and easy to manage
Your Mother- short,protective,strong minded and dedicated
Your Father- tall, short attention span, funny, strong, driven and respected
Fave Food- pears {Type} Mexican
Dream Last Night- having a love affair with Olubowale...lol..
Fave Drink- raspberry simply lemonade
What Room Are You In- At work sitting at my desk
Hobby- blogging, reading, scrap booking
Fear- failure and death of my family members
Where Were you Last Night- Home in my bed watching TV
Something That You Aren't- Easy, Quiet, a follower
Muffins- blueberry
Wish List Item- To talk To Roshon again
Where You Grown up- Greig St. Great Aunt and Grandma's house
What Are You Wearing- Grey Slacks, black cami and sweater, and grey shoes
Your Pet- Ducky my sandfish skink..I love that guy
Friends- a got a couple..they cool
Something You Are Not Wearing- *cover eyes* Underwear..lol..i rarely wear them
Fave Store- Target
Fave Color- Black
Your Best Friend(s)- Latisha Lavett
Best Place You Go Over And Over- National Harbor..come to DC and I'll make u a believer
Person Who emails You Regularly- My Philly Pooh
Fave Place To Eat-La Tasca

I'm sure you are suppose to tag some people but i shall not..Do it if you like if not then ok.

When I posted my email address on here i didn't think anyone would ever email me and if i did i thought it would be one of my friends playing around so this morning when my phones alerted me to an new email I was socked to see it was from some mysterious person who read my blog...

I'm abbot reader of your blog and overall I love it! Especially your afternoon delights that brighten up my mid afternoon days but your most recent blog you have posted I just couldn’t understand the why of it.

You never mention the person you are thinking about but from what you say in the content of it I assume you are talking about your ex “Dog”…I remember a blog about him the past and the abusive relationship you to had so it upset me to see that you still think of him…Why would you ever want him to cross your mind or you on his at any moment. I have never myself been in your situation but I don’t think I would have any type of feeling for him at all. I would rather see him suffer than to wonder if he’s thinking of me…or if things would be different if he didn’t do this or he didn’t do that.

I think sometimes as women we fall so in love with love that we for get what love really is how it hurt us in more than one way. I fell like you are so blinded by your forgiveness for him that you aren’t looking at the whole picture. I know the saying says that u must forgive to more on and have peace but him crossing your mind can’t be bring peace to your heart at all. I once thought you were the kind of person that I surround myself with you truly reminded me of my friends but after your last post I see now that I was wrong…You come across as so strong minded and powerful but I guess that was all a front for the audience after that do you think f my blog I can’t relate to you at all

Miss BrownSugaBaby

At first i wasn't going to respond to this email but after sitting on it for a couple of hours i decided i have some thing that needs to be said about this whole "Dog" situation at hand not only for Miss BrownSugababy but for other who might feel this way about my thoughts or anything else involving him. I respect everyone opinion of the whole situation with him but until you have stood in my shoes and walked a mile in them you will never really understand my thought at all. Those years i was on and off with him was the longest years of my life and i don't and shall never relive them ever in life but i have since moved on from them, of course they are craved in my brain forever but i can't let the past enter into my present..my right now. I went through the i hate myself for letting this happen, i hate him for putting me through it and the sad phase but i came a point in my life I decided to forgive him or be angry forever. So i forgave him in more than one way it brought peace to me and i am now able to move on in my life and not be worry about the next relationship i have turning into that one. We had good time it may not have been many of them but we shared them....we shared bad ones and i had love for him then and i still have luv for him now...Not the kind of love that would lead me back to him....just love Even though what happened..happened he still was there for me in some of the rough moments in my life he wasn't a monster everyday of the week. I'm sure u can get that impression from any of the things i have written about him, i never share anything else about him but that's besides the point...I think of him because he left an impression on my heart and my mind..I deal with getting over things and accepting things different from the next person and u are entitled to feel any type of way about my feeling for him but this how i feel and u can either take it or leave it alone..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do You Think Of Me?

I think of him often and i wonder if he thinks of me too...

Sometime i feel like i shouldn't think of him especially taking in account that we didn't have good relationship with each other at all. Apart of me is curious about him and his life now and the other part of me wants to kick me in my ass for even wondering about him. I never really talk about him out loud to my friends don't want them to side eye me but i can't help but to think of him..

I wonder alot of things about him..I don't know if its healthy or not to think of the person who abused you in more way than one but I do...I sometimes think maybe if this or that i had happened maybe things would be much different between the two of us..maybe i wouldn't be the person i am today or maybe we would have ended on better terms. I do alot of thinking especially when i hear his name or something remind me of him..I always pause to think when he sees this or hears that does a picture me automatically pop in his head like his does in mine...He's not that far away matter of fact i could call him and ask him all the questions that have been burning a whole in me but i think knowing the answer to those question would just disturb all the hard work I have done to get on with my life in order after spending so many years with him. I use to think of him and get mad at all that went down between us....wondered why certain things went on and why certain things didn't?...Wondered if he ever really had an ounce of love and compassion for me or was it all a game.

Our time together wasn't all good and its wasn't all bad...I just wonder if he regrets anything that went down with us...if he ever really feels sorry about the hurt and pian caused me and sometimes continues to haunt me a lil bit(yeah i've never admitted that out loud before) now. I never want to go back to him and i like stated a couple of blogs ago I forgive him and i thank him for teaching the good and the bad..I just want to know if i cross his mind....does he ver sit and think of me like think of him

Afternoon Delight NBA Edition..

Dwight Howard
Orlando Magic
DOB: 12/08/85

So clearly I saved the best for last......

The love of my life and my future husband..

That pic made me wanna lick him...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Did We Just Forget About Him?

Do You Remember Him?

The email I got today was just as simple as that..."Do You Remember him?" accompanied by a large photo for Eric "Eazy E" Wright.

Today marks 15 years since be lost his battle with AIDS...

I certainly do remember Eazy E...He was in heavy play by my Uncle back in the day and I prolly feel in love with gangsta rap because of him but most importantly i remember him for speaking about being diagnosed with the AIDS Virus and passing away soon after that. For some reason he always gets left behind in the world when we discuss rappers and death. All the Tupac's, Biggie's and Big Pun's come up but never do we ever sit back and discuss him. Is that because he didn't die by the gun? or Because at the time of his death he was putting out platinum albums? Whatever the case maybe we should be blasting his music on his birthday and the day he left this earth just like we all the other who left this earth far to soon..Mostly because he opened up the ears and eyes of the hip hop community and the world that AIDS does exist. He also proved to the world that its not an gay man's disease that this disease doesn't care about your race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation..Its a slow killer and doesn't have an cure. So from this day forward let's never forget to mention Eazy E when we remember the greats we lost in the community... remember him because he taught us something and opened our eyes to AIDS.

Afternoon Delight NBA Edition..

Raja Bell
Golden State Warriors
DOB: 9/19/76

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

*somebody cue Usher's ass*

all that I wanna hear
Is you say Daddy’s home, home for me
And I know you’ve been waiting for this love in your day
You know your daddy’s home,and it’s time to play
So you ain’t got to give my loving away
So all my ladies say hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy
So all my ladies say hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy

Now Usher whose daddy are you talking about?!? Because the last time I checked my father wasn't from Atlanta, divorcing Tamika or getting disowned by his mother! The man I know as my Daddy is alot of things and You he is not! So why am I calling you Daddy again?

Every time I hear that Daddy's Home song something with it just doesn't sit well with me at all. I love the melody, beat and all that good stuff and its make me dance every time i hear it but calling you Daddy...hmmmmmm...not so much. The only man entitled to that label is the man who shot me into my mother uterus and he shall be the only man who bares the honor of being called Daddy by me. Sexy as it might seem for other to call the main man in their lives Daddy it certainly doesn't nothing for Miss Sunshine at all.

Every time I catch a porno(don't judge me) , some pimping shiiii, or just plain ole TV i wonder why in the hell do these heffas keep calling this man daddy? I personally find no joy in calling any man out of my father daddy at all matter of fact like kind of grosses me out especially if u request this whole "daddy" thing in the middle of sex....ewwwwwwwwwwww......It makes me think of my own father and last thing i want is images of him popping up while I'm trynna get dick'd down that might destroy my whole life. I guess the daddy thing is a turn on for some people but I am highly puzzled how that would be at all. Think of all the responsibility that comes with being anyone's daddy...like does his dick get hard thinking about taking care of you for the next 18 yrs and maybe even child support!! Can't be.. or maybe its an ego booster...Does it make them powerful and needed...Do men request to be called daddy or do females just feel its word of encouragement of endearment?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Afternoon Delight NBA Edition..

Arron Afflalo
Former Piston/Now Denver Nuggets
DOB: 10/15/83

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Adventures OF Jail Bird

When The word "yes" left my mouth I knew at that moment that I would regret it, I was trying to be nice..which doesn't happen often and this is perfect example of way.

Jail Bird gets to sending me emails which are just like his conversation on the phone and letters Dry...just dry as hell!! He doesn't know how to write a basic letter at all. Granted I do understand homeboy is locked down and aint got to much to say but if you gonna take the time out to email me it should say more than Hey, *inserts Government name here" and goodnight, Dude I just don't have time to entertain this shit every other day. About 6 emails into it with him saying nothing I put together a short an sweet email:

I hope all is well with you but these one word emails have to stop ASAP. Emails are just an virtual letters you should think of it as that so we can have an conversation instead of me writing back these one word answers.


Now I thought i was doing good thing expressing to his non writing ass how to keep an email going but I learned that all i did was open a flood gate of bullshit because he got in his feeling real quick..sorry?

I see you are still the same shelfish(i'm sure he meant selfish hmmm but ok) chick you were when i was free in these streets. All you do is make everythang about you and wat u want. I took good care of you when i was in those street everythang(why must you spell like this) you wanted i provided u wit(ok so homeboy aint do shit for me that i couldn't have done for myself) And now you act as if you better than me and shit so FUCK YOU.

lmaooooo...that fool is crazy! At first I wasn't going to entertain him anymore but what can i say I'm an asshole.

Ok, You are so right I'm all about me and Thats why I'm thinking about me and shutting down this whole emial communication between the two of us. You are getting out hand I don't want to be apart of your little game anymore. I hope life treats you well and you are in my prayers.

After I pressed the send button I thought I had heard the last of him but I was mistaken because Ole Jail Bird Ass came back in full effect on my ass...lol..

You kno wat i hope life bring you nothing but hell and ill will. I'm trying to be nice and email you so you can know whats up wit me and shit. But I guess the saying out of sight out mind is true. I thought we was better than that but i guess i was wrong. When we was together I loved you guirl and now you act like you don't know me. I can't wait to get home(let me inform yall which will be 21 years from now) to make you r life hell like you have made mine. You ain't nothin but a cold hearted bitch. I guess u can be all abotu ur man J.W. now.

CTFU...now Not once did i let any of his email bother me or get me upset for the most part they're entertaining. I like how they went from pleasant email to totally out of control. I was going to respond to this but of course Epitome talking me out of taking the low route and keep going on wit his dumb ass. So i ended it there but of course like the simple dude he is boo sent me more and more emails. the most recent one today. *cue sad love song*

We sometimes go so long without touching base with each other I guess we are both busy with our day to day lives. But still i want you to know how i often i think about you. and i how i enjoy the times we do talk. You will always be very important to me and i'll always be grateful that you are the other half of me :-]

*pause* before yall get to the ohh and ahh's and shit let me just tell you that this fool is crazy definitely has some type of mental issue or something because his ass was just calling me all types of bitches and hoes and hoping i rot in hell and now I'm the wind beneath his wings and shit. and your other half shit....boy, you are married and its not to me so being ur other half is for the birds and before ya'll say maybe he saw the light and realized that his ways were wrong...the fool copy and pasted this from another email..smh.. he forgot to delete all the evidence of his doings...like the time stamp and dotted lines that seperated the email from the previous one that was sent to him. I wonder if that was a email his wife sent to him *kanye shrug*

lmaooooooooooooo...foolishness with his ass end!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Love Him

My love affair with him started at a very young age long before i was boarding a yellow school bus to encounter the world of public school. I would sit for hours and just watch him..from the playground to the TV set he always had my attention. He use to speak volumes to me. Some of my love for him was inherited by the fact that he loved my brother and my brother loved him back and the rest was all me. I self taught myself some of the things i knew about him and the rest was passed on to me. Growing up I was the child who got picked on by the others kids so he was were i ran to to get away. The boys loved me because of him and the girls hated me because they just didn't understand him.

I have passed on dates and stood up friends just to watch him do his things. Left work early and skipped school each and every March just to see him at his best. ..Pure with no signing bonus and all star games. He is Basketball and He holds my heart.

Ever since I can remember Basketball has been the love of my life..I'm excited when the season begins and I fall sad when it ends. I watch it all from Street ball in the summer because the season is over for the NBA to College ball which I would have to say I enjoy the most. ..March is my favorite month because the the madness of college basketball takes over. I love the reaction I get from males when i drop a lil bit of basketball knowledge on them or reveal my favorite team and its not because such and such is hot! and they are even more shocked to find out that I don't like girls...lol..I got that the other day. Please don't mistake my knowledge of basketball for me being gay because i'm far from that. Girls can know basketball too and be straight at the same time. I watch football, golf, track and Soccer but none of them hold my attention like the good ole hardwood does..especially college basketball!!! There drive and intensity keeps me coming back for more. They want the win so bad it hurts which keep me on the edge of my seat untike NBA ball that I do love but they don't care about a win or loss they still get paid and endorsement deals will keep them happy. When A team loses in college ball its back to the normal life of being a college student with no bonus or cameras flashing... back to being normal and back to school for them

My Brother introduced me to basketball when he was using it as his way to escape the outside world. He would play for hours and watch it just as long. He tried to show me and my older sister what the game was about but she was just to girly for that so it was I he brought to the court with him and taught me the basics. As the years went on it was my uncle who gave me more and I who just sat back in front of the TV and figured out the rest. Those years have really left an mark on my heart it got me in good with the boys while all the others girls were trying to figure out how to be down..lol..smh... I feel in love with the game not the men who run up and down the court..but them being cute and tall doesn't hurt at all....Hey what can I say Love men too!!!

My heart is sort of rubbery, orange with black lines...My heart will always belong to basketball!

Afternoon Delight NBA Edition..

Daniel Gibson
Cleveland Cavaliers
DOB: 2/27/86

Let me say boo keeps a real low profile, it was hell trying to find pic were he was turning away from the camera or looking at the ground.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


This convo first sparked up a couple of days ago while riding with one of my friends...She turned and looked at me and said "DO YOU KNOW YOUR STATUS?" I thought i heard her wrong so I asked her to repeat herself.."SUNSHINE, DO YOU KNOW YOUR STATUS?" I hesitated a little when answering her not because I have never been tested ..because I do every 6 months its was because I have never shared the info with any of my friends...Don't know why i just haven't. We rode in the car for 45 minutes talking about the African American community and how we tend to shed away from that talk when HIV/AIDS is lead killer in our community...Sad right?!?..Blacks also don't live as long as other ethnic groups with AIDS.

Aids awareness was never talked about to me as a child my mother and father never took the time out to educate me on the disease and what i need to do to prevent it.,My Parents seemed to shun about the AIDS topic.....all that i know is what i learned from research and school. Right now present day HIV/AIDS rates are sky rocketing and we need to educate the youth about prevention..not only them but the baby boomers too some of them are not educated in it as they need to be.

Talking further with my friend as we rode out to the mall we decided that we need to something to help the fight against AIDS and the Walk for Aids is what we have signed up for. Year after year I say I'm going to join and never do but in 2010 i decided to make some changes in me and this is one of the things I changed ....Stop talking about it and be about it. Being about this walk and Aids awareness is what I shall be about far after the walks takes place. AIDS isn't talked about often among us but need to be..We need to not only educated ourselves about this disease but others around us and aseptically the children who will grow up in a world were AIDS will be a common thing and that's not something we want for them...We don't want this disease to be as common as a cold we need to help prevent so this matter never happens.

If anyone who lives in the Washington DC area who wants to join me and friends in the race against AIDS feel free to hit me by email or if you would like to donate to my teams $1000 goal email me .. sunshinesatr110@gmail.com so i can give u all the info you need.

I apologize for this blog for being all over the place but I'm trying to do too many things at once....please forgive me!!!

and Last the question I pose on to you guys like it was pose to me on twitter today......

At what age do you feel its appropriate to discuss STD's and HIV/AIDS to your children?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Question Of The Day

Would you be able to get back with man/woman after he /she has cheated on you?

I wanna hear from ya'll...

Afternoon Delight NBA Edition..

Rudy Gay
Memphis Grizzlies
DOB: 8/17/86

If you are not into basketball then i'm sure you have no clue who he is but I think boo cute

Friday, March 12, 2010

Afternoon Delight NBA Edition..

Amar'e Stoudemire
Phoenix Suns
DOB: 11/16/84

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Afternoon Delight NBA Edition..

Kenyon Martin
Denver Nuggets
DOB: 12/30/77

yeah...so there aren't many pic without Trina in them...

Mis Pensamientos Arbitrarios

He doesn't like me...Good because I don't like him either....so tell him I'm glad we have an understanding

I've come to the conclusion I'm tired of being nice to people i really don't like so from this day forward i shall not. The fake smile and laughs have stopped and if I distant myself from you its prolly because I don't like you or the people around you. Its not you its me!!

I need a vacation asap!!!! somewhere sunny, hot and by the beach would be great!

Blood runs thicker than water. Sometimes i feel like the world forgets that but i never have or never will.

Tell her the same thing you keep preaching to me and see what happens....nothing i bet>>I'm tired of always being super save a hoe and smoothing things over. Have her pull her wait some times.. I'm always the bigger person well this time not so much I'm over it. You she is right i do change and I will continue to change that's what growing up does.

He broke my heart..yes..but i can't imagine life without him in it in some form. We laugh, talk and love each other but my heart is scared so me thinking that him and I would be one is no longer in the cards...my eyes and heart view him so much differently now.

These ole Pastor Troy beards that dude are rocking now have to go!! he ain't cute with it and u ain't either...

I'm over this whole Nicki Minaj Craze thing that is going on. I kinda do like her you just have to catch her on a good day and she rapping like she got good sense but i will not be running around dying my hair pink, wearing 3 bras and letting her sign my boobs..we are just doing to much ladies.

I hate people who RT everything they see on Twitter!! Why are u doing this? I don't care if @lolobabyboo89 is going to see some NBA's players party and is VIP! i ain't so i don't care.

It is never acceptable for men to wear Ugg boots! I don't care how good they feel on your feet as a man they should never be on yours.

Is it Spring yet?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Afternoon Delight NBA Edition..

Shannon Brown
L.A. Lakers
DOB: 11/29/85

He looks so scared in this pic..lol

Super Modelquin!

I have nothing else to do at work so I enter Old Navy's Super Modelquin contest!!!

Click the link check it out and Vote Vote Vote...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Want It!!!!!

I'm a big fan of my girl Barbie and I have a few of her collections items but this one I just have to have.....

She is the Christian Louboutin collector's edition!!!! I want her!!!!


My brother randomly send me email along with a couple of other people every Wednesday which he calls his weekly massage. Some are deep thoughts some are just him reassuring me that he love me and I'm doing great..I love my brother he's the best!! today I received this one on March 3rd and I decided to share it with you guys it .....


How soon not now becomes never.

Martin Luther

Are you a procrastinator, I AM. But I vow today that this word will no longer define me. There have been many occasions that my not now became never, that my great ideas were not seen through to completion and that opportunities were lost because of procrastination. But today I declare, no more will I let myself down. We live a large part of our lives worrying about letting other people down, but we must first learn how not to let ourselves down. As you must love yourself before you can truly love another so to you must learn to fully be committed to yourself before you can be and make commitments to others.

No more putting off the greatness that God has for you.

Take a moment to consider what you have just read and breathe. Have a wonderful day and a blessed week.

Do you know who this is?

Take minute look him over and then think about it.......

still don't know...OK let me tell you this Man is Guru...and not that kind of Guru..Guru ofGangstarr..Guru who was none for rocking the mic along side DJ Premier...Guru who helped shape what hip/hop is today!!! Hip hop not rap and if you still don't know who he is, you nothing about hip hop so don't claim that you do.

I was takin' back a couple days as i was reading my timeline on twitter when I saw numerous people tweet "Who is Guru?" ****Blank Stare** At first I thought it was all maybe a joke but as i read on i realized that the people i follow really had no clue into who he was and what he is to hip hop. And when i questioned them about it they all said the same lame ass excuse.."I'm not really into rap music!" lol...Rap is what they do..hip hop is the culture. I'm amazed how so many people can spit a Lil Wayne line like its first nature to them but I have no idea Who Guru is?

Without rap pioneers like Guru, Krs-One, Rakim, Grandmaster flash and the furious five, Afrika Bambataa, Curtis Blow, The SugarHill gang....the list could go on and on it would be no Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z , Fabolous, Kanye West or 50 cent i think sometime people forget how it all started and where it all started. A real hip hop fans remembers the day they feel in love with hip hop like it was yesterday and Lil Wayne ain't on the list of rappers that should have opened your eyes to hip hop.

I first fell in love with HIP HOP in the 90's not really 100% sure on the year but I do know That I far to young to really understand what I was listening to. I use to sit in my older cousin Pete's room while he got ready to hit the block and listen to everything from Curtis Blow to Whodini and when would leave out for the evening I would run back in his room a listen to his tapes on the lowest Volume so my grandmother wouldn't hear me. As time went on I started spitting those lines from all his favorite rappers like it was part of my name and at that moment hip hop became my first love. I still to this day will pop in a Dougie Fresh, Slick Rick or KRS-One CD in my car and cruise around with my first love because he has never cheated on me.

Now don't mistake it I do listen to everything that hip hop has to offer my CD players rocks Trina, The game, Dre. Dre and Lil Wayne but I have never mistaken that for Hip hop...What they do Rap, some about the money, cars, drugs, women and sex because that's what sells but I grew up when rapping was telling a story an important story at that not about who can drop it like its hot or oh let's do it. True I love the music I listen to today but i have never forgotten what hip hop is and not many rappers honor that today. So I keep Common, Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli close by to bring back the memories of real hip hop when guns, violence and sex wasn't the grand topic of it all.

You can't be a rap fan without being a hip hop fan...You gotta know where it started you got to know who made it what is is today.

So whats the difference between rap & hip hop? Its simple. Its like sayin' u love somebody & bein' n love with somebody. Rap is only a word..-Beloved

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Afternoon Delight NBA Edition..

Caron Butler
Former Wizard..now Dallas Mavericks
DOB: 3/13/80

Shout Out Kiah because this is the love of her life!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Glamorous or Awareness?

I tune in religiously to Mtv to catch 16 and pregnant, if you haven't seen the show each episode is about a different teenage girl and her trails and tribulations being a teenager and pregnant. the show taps into there family lives, personal lives and life before and after they give birth. I'm long passed my teenage years but this show sparks interest so i can't help but watch it. Maybe its because I remember my teenage years like it was yesterday and i can't even imagine being any of these young girls situations and now even as an adult pregnancy still scares the hell out of me.

I recently read an article by an women who thought MTV and the show was making teen pregnancy look "glamorous and fun for young girls and can influence them to run out and put themselves in the same situation. She went on to say that show was not real enough and teens are confused by it...**blank stare** When I first heard about this show i thought the same thing last year...I thought why in the hell would MTV want to exploit teenage pregnancy like that...i also thought it was going to be pure trash like most of the reality shows that they air but when i finally tuned into the first episode my thoughts on the show changed 110%. I watch teen girl after teen girl learn that being a teen and having a baby is one of the toughest situations ever. I watched them laugh, cry and worry about there futures like they certainly needed too! Some had boyfriends who grew up and some had ones who didn't see how real the situation was and i even sat in my bed and cried with one of them as she made the toughest decision of her life and give her baby up for adoption. Not once have i ever felt like this series would send teen pregnancy in a uproar and ever young girl would want to be like them. I hope after seeing what these young girls have to go through they would want no parts of it...Shiiiii some of these girls scarred me straight about having baby. I can understand how someone can mistake this show for being something its not just by reading the title but i think teenage girls learn so much better by seeing it for themselves.

16 and pregnant gives young girls a better view into what having a baby details. Its different seeing people your age going through it then seeing your friends have babies. I had plenty of my friends become pregnant while we were still in High school but I never thought twice about there day to day drama I just pushed it out of mind..out of sight out of mind and that exactly how it was. i never had baby while in high school but this showed opened my eyes on how hard it really is and was for girls having babies so young. it much different watching someone you don't know go through it than someone you do know.

Glamorous? smh.. I don't think so

Informative?..yes I think every women young or old should tune in and catch a glimpse into the life of a teen mother.