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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm Bizack!!!

*peeks in*

Wow, It has been a super lonnnnnng time since I have enter this place and blogged.  The break was greatly needed but I have certainly missed this place....and of course I have  missed some of my fave blogs *waves*.  I see alot of things have changed since last August..smh...Well i know I can't commit to blogging weekly so lets see if I can knock one out a month..matter of fact i know I can, it was part of my new years resolution to blog once again so here I am.  Oh yeah, you c guys can go with me on my online dating journey and adventures..lol...before you even ask...*shrugs* matter of fact don't ask.

So stay posted for the wild things I'm sure that are about to happen with this online dating, I'm going to start off with POF(Plenty of Fish) and depending on how that goes i'll jump myself into match.com or something.............

I will admit I'm little scared about the ordeal cuz i'm a strong believer of not getting kidnapped or murder...............lets see how this thing goes.......


Freckles said...

It is good to hear from you lady. I have to say you have been missed but I understand. It be like this sometimes.

I have used POF and its not too bad. Cant wait to hear your journey.

LakiSwirl said...

Yay!! Welcome back! I know... I'm late to the commenting party.. I've always been soo reticent about dating sites... I've NEVER had luck. Let me know how it works out; I've been single for a minute myself and might need a push.