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Thursday, August 5, 2010

He's Back!!!

When I walked into the house I thought I heard his voice but since he has been gone for so long I thought i was just hearing things. I proceeded up the steps into my bedroom and there he was....all 6 plus feet of him, i couldn't believe my eyes. It had been almost a year since I last saw him...I knew he was going to leave I just wasn't ready for it. He reminded me that i knew this love affair wouldn't last long and that he would return, so i have been waiting for him. Every night since June I would sit up late in my bed and wait to hear his voice and see his face but he would never come, so him being right here right now just felt right to me. I know that him being back would only be temporary so i need to enjoy every moment with him. For two hours I laid in my bed and watched every move that he made just taking him all in because after these next 12 weeks he will be gone in the wind once again. Before he left me he did give me a preview of what was to come for me which left thirsty for him. So Same time same place Him an I shall meet again...just for an hour just so we can be together once again....

The new season of .....
has satrted and I'm back to being in love with.....

Omari Hardwick

I shall be coming home in a timely manner each and every Wednesday to spend time with my boo!! its going to be a great 12 weeks!


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