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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today's Random thoughts

Why do people dislike Nicki minaj so much? I personally like her and aint mad at her for finding her fit and running with it....

I heard alotof people critize Tyler Perry's movies from Madea to his current movie which i forgot the name of. It made me think we complain so much about not having enough afrian american movies available to us and we do get them all we do is find 500 different things wrong with the producer and movie.

I took alittle advice from Freckles about finding a realtionship with my mother and needless to say it went wrong and fast...so do I try again or just leave things as they be?

I really don't like Kid cudi...why?..i don't know! He is my nerd crush i just can't rock with him nor his music*shrugs*

I thought about making a phone to a friend I let go a year ago...and then I stopped myself....why should I? Did she do the same for you...nope *closes phone*

Oh Bird how I love thee...oh Bird how I almost let you ruin my life...*writes the end at his chaper*

Maybe Khaki is right, I'm a little hard on the men in my life i never give them time to prove themselves before I cut the rope that bonds us...hmmmm maybe ill work on that in 2011

You all will be proud to know that my sexting game has stepped up awhole do to much practice...lol..I was forced into it.

I thought about bettering some relationships i have with people in 2011....this has weighed heavy on my mind for awhile now but then i always think to myself...people always talk about the wrongs you did to them, the sadness you caused them but they never bring up all of the same things they have done to you....Why should I care if they don't? why should I force a better relationship when they don't do the same....lets see what 2011 brings with that.

Lord knows I love my mother but we are just clearly mother and daughter...I use to envy the relationship my sister has with her but I now i accept what we have which is....she being my mother and I being her daughter....she proved that to me the beginning of the month...she made it very clear.

I'm just too old to be clubbin anymore! lol..of course i enjoy a club outing from time to time but living it up all weekend ahd put a hurt on my body! lol

My 10 year class reunion is coming..*straight face* Haven't decided if I'm going or not....those years are bitter sweet for me and I talk to all the people who i wanted to continue a relationship with.

Lil Richmond as survived most 2010...and looks like he is heading into 2011 with us....I'm shocked because i'm usually over dudes by this time!.....lol

This school thing is overrated and I can't wait for it to be over...I thought about going straight for my master's degree but yeah it doesn't look too good for that right now!


Monique said...

I have mixed emotions about Nicki. I think most people on hate on her simply because she doesn't exactly fit into any box we've "established" female musicians should. I don't think we really "know" Nicki enough to make assumptions. I think that she doesn't really give a f#$k but I'm not to impressed with her solo music. Eh, just not my cup of tea.

Failed with mom? It may be time to face the facts and let it go, especially for the sake your happiness. It sucks though. Maybe the timing was bad. Maybe you guys will rekindle somewhere down the road.

Congrats on the sexting game. After all, it is essential to being tech savvy. LOL

Krissy said...

I'm not a nikki fan nor am I a nikki hater. I don't like her style. Its too all over the place for me. But she can do her and I just don't have to listen. Its not that deep for me lol.

I can't imagine not having a relationship with my mother but from what you've said, this is how's its always been. You can't fix what's no broken ya know?

Sexting is fun. It really is. I enjoy it lol.

So is he ur offical booskie now then or what? Sheesh! Lol

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I kinda like Nicki.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

nicki minaj is cool. she is real down to earth if you got to know here. she's nice to look at. and right now ain't no chick touching her lyrically. so it's like whatever let her be whoever she wants to be. it ain't making me lose sleep.

tyler perry movies are crap. do i scream don't support? no. but they are crap, nevertheless. real recognizes real. be for real. lol

dunno what freckles advised you, but i say try again. never hurts to try if it's something that'll be worth it.

kid cudi is on that crank. now that he's admitted it you feel as if it makes you a crank head for liking him. and it does. understandable.

fuck that hoe. close that phone. lol

fuck that bird. write that chapter.

khaki is write. you a cut throat DC chick...give them niggas time. let them at least get a cuddle before you send them home, damn.

i'ma need you to give your fellow DC'ion a lesson in sexting. i'll give you her number shortly. cause i need nakies on the hour, every hour.

you force the better relationship because your the bigger, better person. and just cause they are lazy doesn't mean you have to be.

i'm sorry. but don't ever lose hope. if i told you about my relationship with my dad when i was growing up vs. what it is now...ppl change. things change. sometimes it takes longer and something to happen for them to realize they need to for themselves, not just for you. so just hold on to faith. i know you want a better relationship, keep praying on it. it'll happen. don't get discouraged.

stay your ass out the club. *pointing to the old ladies wing of the club*..go stand on that pole. lol

fuck a reunion. i have a reunion with all the ppl who matter in highschool whenever i hang out with them. if i don't hang out with them they weren't my friends anyway...fuck em..fuck em all. *blowing up hs with my hs class in it..* lol

high five to lil richmond. tell that nigga he owe me $20 oh..and no wify'in in the club. i made your ass get out of there. so he gotta wife your ass in a church or some shit. shit..

i hate school. i sound ignorant saying it, so what. i hate it. lol i'd never do it again. but i applaud anyone who has the dedication to do it. it is overrated but in the end it's worth it, so hold on and good luck.

yup i just commented on all your random shit. see how much you missed me but didn't know it?..see who comment like me?

go head..say it. i'll wait...


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