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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I was cleaning out my email inbox and ran across this poem that one of my friends Darnell Walker wrote. I remember when I first read it I feel in love with and wondered to myself if I will ever run into a man who will feel this way about me…

So here it is..

You Seem Familiar

It’s you
That future I moved out of the left lane for
Removed the durag that blinded my third
Eye for
To see the kids you always wanted
The yard they’d play in
And the boys the girls would bring
Home that I’d hate with all my heart
They grow up so fast
I grew up too slow
But if I had been grown for them
I wouldn’t have been able to grow with
It’s you
I covered tattoos for you and replaced
Them with a name tag
Threw out all my book bags
The day after Christmas
The day after the briefcase and the
The slacks and car keys
The bike won’t get me to work on time
And this is something worth working for
I wear loafers now
They don’t support my arch but they
Support the structure you’ve designed
My architect of designs withstanding
Understanding rain is necessary and
This building must be strong
This building must be quake proof
And the seeds will have to wait until
The building can prove itself
To you
I’ve planned wars and left the pen on
The table next to the plans hoping
You’d find them and win
I may not be strong enough to fight
But can carry anything you hand me
I’ll cut the cord but you’d be the first to hold her
You’ve got the whole world in your
That ring wasn’t placed there for vanity
That baby wasn’t placed there for
I can only move a block at a time
Gentrify this chess board
You came my way fast
It’s you
The queen strong enough to put
My kids in
The beautiful one sitting beside me on
The train
It’s nice to meet you

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