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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Boo!!!

awwww I almost forgot!!! My boo has turned 2 years old!!1 Who would have known that after 2 years I still would be sometimes pouring my heart out and just randomly talking still to this day! I have been a bad blogger lately and not checking in as often as before but I'm working on that!!!

So as a gift to myself or rather my blog I'm going to take questions to be answered! I know there are alot of silent readers and I want to hear from them.....and of course my regulars and my faves.....so don't be shy drop me a question or two and they will become future blogs post....if don't wanna leave them in the comments email them to me...sunshinestar110@gmail.com

and thanks to everyone who keep reading I surly appreciate it!!!

*pops bottles*

let toast to another great year of love, heartache, happiness, sorrow and foolishness that keeps this thing going!

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