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Friday, September 16, 2011

...and the story continues...

At first I was going to sit my ass at home and not worry about being at his court date not one bit but i just had to go and meet this "girlfriend" of his...I wonder where she was when he was worrying me half to death about everything under the moon. So just like the bitch I can be I walked myself in his court room with my head up high looking oh so cute so they both, his mother and his girlfriend could see me and is at my ass right next to them both. None of us made any type of eye contact and from the way she was acting I knew she knew nothing about me or my dealings with Tyrell. After court was over i swung my purse and hair around and headed to the elevator and guess who was on it with me....The other girlfriend. At first I was breathing fire because this whole situation was making me mad how dare she stand next to me like she wasn't fucking my man how dare she be polite and kinda cute too. Luck had it with us parking right next to each other and this was my chance to either pump her for information or pop her ass right in the mouth. Before she touched her car door I finally made my move and asked about who she was and of course she answered with Tyrell's girlfriend which I soon laid the same claim to fame down too. I could tell by her body language changing that she had no idea that she was just 1 of many. We talked for over an hour that day and I was so shocked at how nice she was and how he played us both...he longer we talked the more i wanted to hate her but just couldn't even do it...she was young and dumb just like I and truly had no clue. As we sat and talked guess who made a phone call not to me but to the other girlfriend Tyrell!

I knew was gonna be so surprised to hear my voice come over the phone instead of the other girlfriend. He paused as soon as he heard it was me and went on this whole why the fuck you wit her...and blah blah blah blah shit. He even tried to make it seem like she was out to break us up...but sorry sir the moment you went to jail we had broken up. Needless to say I never spoke to him ever again in life but the other girlfriend whose name is Lyla are currently very good friends to be honest with you. It has been 6 years and counting since this all went down and I found out the person she really was and i honestly liked her. I never once was ever ever ever mad at her or blamed any of the foolishness between all of us her fault hell she was playing the hand he gave her. I really don't know how we became good friend it just kind of happen..a mall trip here, a dinner date there, clubbin over there but i can honestly say she is one of my good friends. I never share how I know her with many people especially my other female friends because I don't think they would understand but trust me they have been around her and don't even know it. Our friendship is something I probably never would have without Tyrell so...thanks to Ty for cheating on me with her and giving me a great person and friend. Now we attended each other events with questions asked...i was at her baby shower and housewarming and she has done the same for me. After sitting here and thinking about our friendship was built on crazy ground but i'm thankful for every moment of it.


Monique said...

well damn...

krissy said...

I met one of my really good friends the exact same way. Over a dumb ass dude . She and I talked and compared notes and hit it off. We've been friends for 12yrs now.