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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Side Chick or Nah?

So I am a side chick *clutches pearls* I know I am just as shocked as you are. I didn't realize it until today while having a convo with one of friends about the actions of a guy I am seeing. Lets just call him...Kappa. Smh..I have been seeing Kappa since march I met him via a dating website and for the most part he great but like every man he is stupid...smh..yhe first thing I notice about him is his phone..it's always getting answered.  Now maybe he missed the lesson on entertaing a female and giving her ur u divided attention...yeah once he got comfortable so did the phone. Now I took heed of that but decided to move past it. Lets fast forward shall we. Now maybe 2 months ago Kappa and I were getting ready to go I stood in his bedroom at the mirror over top his dresser and curled my hair....the. I drop my comb I look down to grab and saw that my comb had landed on some earrings...*straight face* ok ok ok granted we are both seeing other people but damn sir..u gotta respect others!! Of course I bring it to his attention and he played the situation to the left. Granted I don't trip but it was mentally noted! ...fast forward a lil bit more once again im at his house and look on the coffee table and there was chicks sunglasses..smh..he was treading light but I aint the type to trip too much so we address it move on..until this week. I hadn't seen Kappa in awhile because we both have crazy schedules but since I'm unemployed. I go over there everything is great..we laugh..joke..cuddle up to watch the game and I stay the night. I get up in the middle of the night to pee...I sit down look up and well well well what do I see...shower gel but not just any shower gel vagisil. Now we all know that aint for him. Now I aint shake him out of sleep like everything told me to I laid back down and never mentioned one word of it. So today while telling this same story it dawned on me....girlla u are a side chick!!! Like a real life side chick because clearly he has a maim chick and it aint me!!! She leaving all her belongings behind and me shiiiittt I take everything I came with when I leave. Like is there a side chick hand book I should be reading cuz I aint got no clue how to play that position at all!!!! Matter of fact side chick is not even a good color on me...


Anonymous said...

Is he married? or just dating others? maybe you should try leaving things there to see how he reacts. so many questions

Newy said...

wow wow wow....so whatever happened?