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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inappropriate or Not?

Yesterday the blog sites were buzzing with this picture of Kim Porter and her son Quincy sharing a mother's day kiss.

Some called this moment that they shared inappropriate and that a 17 year old shouldn't not be still kissing his mother on her lips like this. Others called it disgusting that Kim would even allow her son to kiss her like that *kanye shrug* I heard about this moment long before I saw the picture and truth be told i had prepared myself for the worst but when I finally got to see this pic I didn't really see what all the hoopla was about. I thought it was just a kiss that mother and son were sharing showing the bond and love that they share. Maybe this picture didn't rub me wrong before I come from a family were we kiss like that...yeah so that just sounded weird but I'm sticking with hat statement. My nephew who is 13 still kisses me like this and my brother too so I don't see where the problem lies. Is it because we are in era right now when emotional aren't shown too much or is it because its Kim Porter who is taking place in this kiss? makes you think a little bit. Quincy did respond to all the drama with this kiss....

"There were a lot of mixed opinions and judgements that surfaced the internet today concerning the kiss i gave my mother on Mother’s Day. I think it deserves a personal response from me……

Yesterday was Mother’s Day; A special day to celebrate and give thanks to all mothers and mother figures present in our lives. I chose to express my love and devotion to my Mother, not only by presenting her with gifts and verbal means of appreciation, but by sharing my LOVE for her with the WORLD; A KISS! I come from a warm, loving and close family. It really is a secure feeling to be apart of a caring family, and my Mother is so much apart of the warmth and love that helps us appreciate and enjoy one another. All through the years, I’ve kissed my Mom, my Grandmother, and my Great-Grandmothers………With more kisses to come."

I couldn't agree with you more Quincy well said!

Tell me what you think INAPPROPRIATE or NOT?


JStar said...

I so agree...I came from a family that kisses on the lips like that...But I have always been the one to move my face to the side forcing them to kiss me on my cheek...I have never kissed my daughters on the lips...But just because I dont, I dont see anything wrong with anyone else doing so...Its an expression of love...

jazzyjaz said...

I see nothing wrong with this moment at all. Matter of fact my father still kisses my grandfather on the lips and my brother still kiss my mother on the lips too! Its not out of lust or infatuation that kiss shows love between a mother and her son and i hope that my son and I share that bond like Kim and Quincy!

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Well I also I come from an extremely close knit family. My biological parents are married and I couldn't ask to be born to more loving, giving, and affectionate people. My parents compliment, kiss, hug, pat us on the back, joke with us, tell us they love us and so forth. However, I do have a personal opinion that that children should not kiss their parents on the lips. Affection is okay...kissing, hugging, laughing, cuddling, etc...but I never believed that parents should kiss their children on the lips after a certain age. This really doesn't come from anywhere besides it being my personal opinion. It wasn't taught in my house nor looked down upon in my house. As loving as my family is; I guess I developed an opinion that this is just weird. I'd rather be kissed on the foreheard, cheek, get a playful kiss on the chin (lol), hug, pat on the head, back or something-- not a kiss on my lips from my parents. I guess its to each their own. It's weird to me! At a certain age my lips became objects for which my significant other would kiss with his lips only.

luvlymskrissy said...

i don't see the problem with the picture * shrug*


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