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Monday, December 13, 2010

Boy Craze

She often talks about settling down and getting married asap but then i listen to her talk about everybody's boyfriend she seeing and/or fucking behind their girlfriends back. She sometimes remind me of that 16 year old boy crazy that i once was minus the sex or that sheltered girl who finally got freedom, which is none of the above for her. She is far from 16 and didn't live a sheltered life matter of fact she went to college a HBCU so she got her share of fun in. So it confuses me that now @ 27 she is living the life most of my friends turned down and sent away. When we go out its all about the men who are going to be there and what they can offer her?!? *bbm straight face* Its rare that we have a convo that doesn't lead into some dude she was fucking and now she isn't well at least that is what she tries to lead me to believe but she keeps her business far to open. A bad habit she has is messing with dudes who have the same friend circle....and they talk lawd knows they talk. I think she believes she is dogging them out but in reality they are the ones laughing.

We went out of town together and I knew the moment i sat in the car it was a bad move but i continued on with it. We talked the whole ride about life and of course the one who isn't living right is trying to tell me how to live mine. She talked about getting married like usually cuz it aint nothing out her....*side eye* but when we got to our destination it was awhole new bar game for the most part it was what i expected until...long story short she brought some dude back to the room and fuck him while my friend and I was sleeping.....pause...yep you heard me right...I knew at that moment that our friendship wasn't what it seemed. This is the person who wants to married asap..yeah OK....I tried offering my advice about her action especially after one drops her and find a suitable girlfriend but she never catches the memo. She recently stopped telling me about her escapades because she says I'm judging her...she's probably right but hey that is her life but you won't find the all star you looking for with a past that read of nothing but bench warming and fucking. I was sitting at my desk today wondering if she sees the fact i kinda pulled out of our friendship i needed a time out for that life she was living of course if she does she blames it on Lil Richmond and how much time he requires out of my life but truth be told I'm just seeing how i should play this whole friendship out. Especially day after day she is offering me advice on shit i didn't ask for. I want the best for her and to be honest she is a great person she understands my fears and when we are together we are having fun I just don't want her to so lost in her boy crazed phase that we loss her too.


Lipglass and Handbags said...

Touching. I see your issue and have also lived it. I sometimes shy away from offering my girlfriends sound advice, especially in regards to men, even when they ask, for fear of being accused of hating. Although thats far from the case I realize our friends are really looking for us to reinforce their private thoughts and not give them the truth. Sounds like yours is looking for true love in all the wrong ways. Stay her friend.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

OMG. The same crap happened to me. My girlfriend and I went to NY for a weekend getaway in August and she brought some random dude back to the room and screwed him while I was sleep. http://www.thedivasthoughts.com/2010/08/new-york-should-be-dubbed-sin-city.html Very disrespectful.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Oh, I put the link to the post I did about that trip in the about comment.

Beyond Danielle said...

Some girls just can't help it they have the constant itch. Some of them use sex as a way to try to find someone to marry. As a way to catch and hold on. Which rarely works

Beyond Danielle said...

Some girls just can't help it they have the constant itch. Some of them use sex as a way to try to find someone to marry. As a way to catch and hold on. Which rarely works

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

now i was just reading right along thinking..she ain't really thaaat bad, a bit of a hoe but not thaaaat bad. then you said her ass fucked dude in the room with yall..


i'ma need you to homer simpson back out of that friendship. you don't have to leave. but you have to keep your eyes open, mouth closed, and wait for the fireworks. cause something is gonna blow up in that shit. serious.

(yea that aint make much sense to me either..but it sounded kinda funny)