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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh 2011..Here You Come....

I just glanced up at the calendar and realized that in less than 48 hours it will be 2011....smh...This year I would have to say just flew right passed me..lawd knows 2010 was a roller coaster ride of events some for the best and worse of me...Did a couple of things i wish i shouldn't have and some things i never accomplished..Do I regret any of it?!? HELL NAW! At the time it all occurred it is exactly what I wanted to do I have no apologizes..

I usually have a list of things I want to do different in the new year but i have been slacking on writing anything down ..clearly yall know that from my lack of blogging...but today I spot at Miss StarrlaMonae's (she is one of my faves) and saw she had a couple of things she wanted for 2011 and she inspired me to come up with a couple myself....2011 seemed so far away from me 10 years ago when I graduated from High school...I thought things would be so different for me than what they are but hey! at least I'm alive and healthy and still have a job unlike alot of people.

Here they go....

I got to do better with attending church! I think i said this last year around the same time but i get so caught up in radom stuff that I rarely praise him...this year shall be different.

I'm not drinking from January 2 - May 2...*sad face* I decided to do this when someone asked me do I ever go out and not drink..good question..I do..but i just want to see how long I can go without hell maybe I'll stop completely...............................................NAAAAHHHHHHH...LOL

I thought about mending some old relationships and working on some current ones but I'm not going to say i don't have the desire I'm just tired of being THAT person...so ill wait...

Save..Save...save...money because debt is killing me slowly...i got things i want to do with my life and this is holding me back.

I shall be leaving bird alone in 2011...If lil Richmond makes it to 2011 with us then Bird will be a thing of the past...let us pray

After many conversations with @studiogenius about many topic I'm going to work on my communication skills with Lil Richmond..I think I just want him to just know what i want and have all the answers without me telling him...I see now that is the reason we fight so much. Thanks ATL.

I'm going to actually put it in full gear on finding a new job. I have been playing around with it for a while not really being too serious about it but 2011 i'm no longer gonna be stuck here..doing this...

Last but not least.... I gotta spend more time with my god son...He is growing up sooo fast and before i know he will be an teenager and not thinking about me anymore


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Now you guys are making me want to do a list of my own.

Anonymous said...

I just reslove to do better finacially and also work on finding a new job. I hope you stick yo all your lists sugar.

Shay said...

Great list! I especially like the idea of not drinking for a certain amount of time. It's something that I want to add to my own personal list. It's really difficult when you're in a college setting but I don't want to feel like every time I go out, libations have to be apart, or a necessity for me to fun. Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy this new year!!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

you are so welcome. wow..you actually listened to me DC. now the drinking thing that seems a bit harsh. even Jesus drank wine. like at every meal. to the point he was turning water into wine. so drinking in my book...unless you're mumbling and stumbling can't be wrong.

after all..WWJD..drink. gotta love my Jesus.