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Monday, May 30, 2011

Storytellin' Continues....

My head is now throbbing even more now that I have some unknown man in my bed...that white shirt that nearly broke my neck when I ran to the bathroom had to be his. Oh, I stood there in shock for at 5 minutes before he rolled over …. Now my legs became weak when I saw his face because never in a million years who I think he would be here right now….MY CRUSH FROM MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL! My heart slowed down its pace but we were still confused on the who, what, when, how and why of this whole situation, especially since although we was once great friends I hadn’t seen nor heard from him in almost a year… I had no idea how he got there or why is was there…well one thing is for certain with me not having the answer to a lot of things I do know we had sex because the 2 condom wrappers on the floor was more than enough proof…well at least we was safe right?!? I had clue of what had happened the night before no the slightest idea…I couldn’t tell you if I did some nasty porno shit or if the sex was even worth it, all the alcohol that ran through my system had me on my head.

Once he woke up I tried my hardest not to act weird shit this was the dude I use to day dream about in 4th period while in high school, the same dude that I ran my ass up to this HBCU to see play football and sit around @ 2am in his dorm doing nothing just so I could be around him….and now he is standing in my bedroom naked and I have no idea how or what went on….We went to breakfast and I kept him talking to piece my evening together…apparently, I called him when I left the club, said some outrageous things to him confessed how I have crushed on him since I was 13 and that was all she wrote *hug sigh* Alcohol is the devil! Now I was dreading the moment I would have to take his ass home because he was roommates with one of my friends R.P, whom I wrote about many moons ago and I didn’t want him to see me didn’t want him to know that the crush spent the night with me…..the coast was clear and I made a clean getaway never to talk to my crush again….

And that people was my first and only one night stand I have ever had in my life…..

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