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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Part Time Friends...Full Time Problems

Over the years I have watched a lot of my “friends” come and go. One day everything is all good and the next thing I know it they gone like the wind, I like to refer to them as part time friends, who are full time problems. Lately I have watched a lot of them sign up for part time hours when it comes to friendship, I have to say some of them I knew when the weather broke they would break with it but others…who knew!!!!

I spent the whole summer watching and learning from these part time friends, you know them when you see them, the ones who want to know your every move and why you didn’t invite them to make that same more with them. The friend who is always looking for something to get into when you have plans without her and never invites you on her/his trips, plans, or whatever the case may be. The summer is usually when these part time friends want full time hours, you find yourself at every club, cookout, festival, bar there is all spring/summer long. You look at your Facebook photos hell even your twicpics are full of pic with her standing somewhere posing her heart out. But labor day hits and the weather chills up a little bit and now we are not wearing those peep toes anymore and have pulled out those cute fall/winter knee high boots. All those phone calls from part time friend is far and in between and you see them on FB and twitter with there new group of “friends” doing all things that the fall brings about lol… Those are officially your part time friends they are only hot when the weather is hot! Yep I shall confess that I have those part time friends in my life, I knew a lot of them once again was nothing but that but its very entertaining to see how quick they change….and trust me they always due. Some can be a little bit of late bloomers usually not showing their true colors until after Halloween but usually that is the end of the part time friendship until next summer.

Part time friends with full time problem run around in almost each and everyone’s circle….they are gone for the winter but do make an appearance for special events such ass: X-mas eve, Halloween, NYE and anytime they know you would know how to get into or be apart of the hottest party at that current moment. Oh yeah there is the times they pick up the phone calling you crying with there lastest problem…boyfriend issues, pregnant, need a place to stay and list goes on they sure know how to find you when shit hits the fan. That’s why I call them full time problems they always find you and the friendship when they don’t know what to do.

Well since the weather has broke and the cold air has creeped its way back into our lives…I shall now take watch to all the part time friends who will creep themselves back where they came from…until the nest summer…lol

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Newy said...

LMAO yep I too have part time friends. They are the one's with the ring tone "What do ya want from me". Their name in the caller id causes a groan to escape from my lips as I determine if I have the energy to deal with their latest "issue". Great post.


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