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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This around the time I usually do a Merry Xmas post and maybe even a Happy New Year one too with a list of things i want to change or do in 2012...This year not so much!

I haven't really be in the holiday mood which is extremely strange for me because I usually live for this time of the year...all the family time is the best ....this year my heart is just not into it.

I plan to have a simple Xmas as usual with my family and laugh, smile and drink but my usually planning out great things for us is not going down this year. I feel like I should be excited about this is the first Xmas that my niece really understand whats going on and the first xmas for the other one but instead i'm praying that it will come and go very quickly.

As for the New Year...I resolute to have no resolutions and just let all flow, decided that I'll just see how 2012 brings..hopefully it will be far better than 2011 because she was not good to me at all. Maybe a new home, new job and anything else the next 12 months bring me will be embraced with open arms.

So if I don't blog between now and the New Year let me wish yall


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Monique said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, babe!


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