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Thursday, December 15, 2011


It has been a little while since I have blogged personally. I gotta say i kinda miss this place...it keeps me sane. Even Though I haven't blogging I have been reading, especially some of my fave blogs I'm always on point with those.

I guess I should give a recap of what has been going on in the world of Sunshine!!!

-WORK is still the worst...and this new job is taking its toll on me...smh...this place stresses me out to end that I have developed a stress twitch in my eye..smdh..it happen all week until Saturday and it stops but back Monday morning. Oh..Let me tell you how since I have been working here the heffa has been gone majority of the time but has the nerve to write me emails about how nothing is getting done......and the final straw I haven't gotten paid on time since I have arrived here...and yep that has done it for me. I am in full find a new job for 2012, i just can't handle this place anymore and i truly understand why the turn over rate is so high.

I discovered over the past couple of months I have really realized alot..a whole lot!!! I have gained a new friend or two and I have also lost a couple of close friends..would say my best friends but that titled burned out years ago. Someone asked me if I was sad about that situation and a little bit but I have done all that I can to make it work or rather make it right. I'm extremely tired of being that bad guy and no one taking blame for their actions but all in all maybe it worked out for the better. One of my male friends said something to me the other day and he made a great point You grow up and grow apart, some people can't handle you changing and not being the same person you use to be..so they decide to lose you instead of growing with you. And he is right..maybe 2012 will bring better things for us but for now i have turned the page past that.

I have done a little clubbing lately which is totally out of the normal for me. It was fun, I discovered that way more of a flirt than I thought myself to be *shrugs* but I see now that I have outgrown the hell out of the club, i can't stand waiting in line, spending all this money on alcohol and all those people!! Nah, I think my old age has caught up with me. I will say my shoe game was killin' it the last time!! lmaoooo

Loved the shoe but my feet was on fire by the time we were hitting the exit!! Lawd the things we do for beauty.

Lil Richmond is till holding on strong, this has been a rough year for us. I love him with all my heart but actions speak louder than words and I wonder if I'm putting more into this than he is. When I thought I was going to back out on this relationship, he got sick. All that i felt before left and we are still together not because he is sick but i can't imagine life without him in it. He is till sick and they have no clue what is wrong with him and it hasn't been easy for him but he is holding on strong. Luv u babes!

I haven't told anyone this but I think I'm getting the baby itch!!! who would have known that would come creeping up on me. After i was told m y chances of having children was slim I ust blocked babies out of my system but out of nowhere it has creeped up and my biological clock is ticking!!! I haven't spoken this baby thing to Lil Richmond he would probably panic, babies are not his thing right now, so I guess ill just keep it between me and blogger lol

I haven't had really much to say so blogging has been real died but for 2012 i'm dedicating myself to blogging once a week!!! HOPEFULLY!


Jotwice said...

Keep blogging and check out mine

Monique said...

Come back. We miss you around these parts.

DianaBoss said...

The friend thing. It happens. And it will continue to happen because well... it happens. But you seem to have a healthy outlook.

The shoes... hot!

I'm sorry LR is sick. I hope they figure it out son and a fix comes easier than the diagnosis.

Baby itch huh?

krissy said...

I have a toddler and I have my own baby itch going on. I gotta get married before I start even thinking about it lol


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