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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The holiday season is here and although I'm not in the Christmas Spirit this year I did attend a company holiday party with one of my friends!!! Let's just say I had lots of fun and the place was amazing!!! It was called Sax! it a French feel with red and gold everywhere and for your viewing delight every 15 minutes there was burlesque show!!!

I wish my pics would have came out so much better but it was super dark in there. Oh, the food was crazy good and it was a experience I ate of couple of things I would have never tried on a regular day. I did catch a few pic of our plate and I know if anyone can appreciate pic of food it would be Monique!!! She is foodie just like me!

Apple Crepes

this filet mignon was the best i had ever had plus the mash potatoes it rested on was to die for.

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