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Friday, June 15, 2012

Songs about Her...I love it!

Now…if you don’t know let me tell you that I’m a rap head if you jump in my car right now you will find anything from Too $hort to 2Chainz but wait there is always some good non rap music in my car……that lead us to why I’m writing this post…

So today I was searching on datpiff to listening to some mixtapes I have not given any play to and I ran across Song About Her by Emanny. I have heard of this guy before from one of my friends and I will admit I paid her no mind and had no interest in this light skin brother……but…I love this mixtape…Its been for heavy play for the past couple of hours at my desk and Im sure the men I work with are truly over the cd but IDK!! I loved it so much that I’m sharing a song or two with you guys…..these are my faves…….

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Miss♥K said...

Thats good music- thanks for sharing!