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Friday, June 15, 2012

Better Late Than Never

OMG....I can't believe that this day which was June 4th totally passed me by...Lawd its my blogs birthday!! I can't believe I just forgot about my boo..shame on me...smdh.....i know now that i have been wrapped but in everything but blogging!!

My boo tunred 3 years old this month!!! and i had no clue that it would even last this long...when i started it was because i was bored at my former job but now I really do enjoy blogging and reading some of my favorite blogs...I swear nim going to try so much harder to blog often but everything in my life is actually calm..who knew?!?!? I will knock one out for next week i swear!!!! And I need to get back on my afternoon delight tip...Lawd i miss it...

So once again thanks for reading and most importantly thanks for blogging yourself i truly enjoy all the blogs i read....

Happy Birthday Again U don't like my opion that's fine!!!! wow 3 years!!! let's make it to 4


LakiSwirl said...

Happy blog birthday!! I totally missed my blog's first birthday earlier this year. I had this whole post written up in anticipation, but just forgot. And I have to get back to blogging myself.. I haven't in a while just 'cause my life has been pretty boring lately as well. But I wanted to wish yours a happy birthday because I do enjoy reading it and hope to see it turn four!!

Monique said...

Happy Blog Birthday Doll!

sunshinestar110 said...

Thanks Ladies!!!