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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Letter From Leah

Hey Fam

Sorry I haven’t gotten at ya’ll in a long while but the girl has been working non-stop here. Things in Haiti are getting better…no let me take that back things are the same but not so much. Much needed medical supplies have made it here and food is getting to everyone but the pain and suffer shall be here long after I have left. Thanks Keisha for making sure the medical supplies that were collected made its way here. We got it all and perfect condition thanks and I love you so much for that. Once again my days are long and nights are short here we are still working non stop to save lives, bring comfort and now trying to get all these high risk ppl and children vaccinated, that’s about to be another task at hand I guess the waiting for vaccines shall begin right about now. Being here has opened my eyes up to whole other world that I was blinded by because as American we live in privilege compared to then parts of the world. After being here for almost 3 weeks I now have a newfound respect for Haiti and my job.

Every day that I work to help save a life I’m also keeping my eye on all the children who we have camped out here because they have no where to go. Who knew that I would get here and I have to play mommy to all these children, which I am perfectly ok with it, brings them and me comfort. I keep a close eye on them, me and the other Dr.’s and nurses here have made a check list for them so we can keep track of them through out the day. We don’t want to lose them to people who baby trafficking, sold as sex slaves and child servant…restaveks are what they are called and I wouldn’t be able to go on losing one of them to any of that. I know all those things aren’t new to Haiti but for them to have to live a life of that is something I can’t handle for them and in some of these children cases there families may be alive they/we just don’t know where they are so they can be together. There are many children who aren’t old enough to understand what is going on or how they are or there names so I try to bring…We try our hardest to make staying here alone with no one comfy for them…We try to stick older children with younger children so at least they have someone with them. Our patients here also join in keeping an eye on them and making them feel some type of love….some type of feeling of placement. Its a lot on our plates here and we are watching things get a tiny bit better as the days go on but this country is going need aid for a long time…for years to come. As I type this letter to you guys I want you and the world out there to know because the media doesn’t cover, talk about or have left Haiti doesn’t mean anything is better or over here its still lots and lots to be done here. I don’t want anyone to forget about Haiti and what going on because the media coverage as slowed down because its very very far from over and I know that every time I send ya’ll something u pass it on to other so make sure u pass on this so they don’t forget that Aid, food, and help is still needed here its far from a done deal here. Well my Luvs I got to end this and get myself in full speed to get back to work just wanted everybody to know that I’m okay since I haven’t touched bases in a awhile…I love you guys too! And I heard that James is bringing Pierre to DC for a visit with ya’ll make sure you give him a lot of kisses for me and show him lots of pics of me I don’t want him forgot about me.

Love ya’ll again…Leah

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JStar said...

So touching...Thank you sooooooo much for sharing! Tears stained my cheeks as I was reading...She is so right, just because the news isnt covering as much...we cant forget...We cant stop helping....I praise her efforts!