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Friday, February 26, 2010

Married Men Do It Better?

Is dating a married man better than dating a single one?

This question has been running through every radio station here and I've learned that alot of women date married men..*blank stare* yeah so I can't really get with i hate playing second best. I'm taking it that this whole Topic was on Oprah or Tyra because the radio buzzing about one of there shows and the women on it.

I have a friend who only dates married men....and only married men. She told me today that its so much less drama and stress dealing with them. They just wanna have fun, buy u stuff, take u to great places and then return to their wives. They don't start no shit because they don't want no shit cause its runs a chance that I might drop the dime to wifey. Single men want to much from you have to know your every more and who u wit...married men don't care about that all they care about is your time with them.

Now I have never personally dated a married man..well married that I knew of , I don't think I could do it. Its just something about the whole situation that just rubs me wrong and I can't even touch it. I wouldn't want someone to do that to me so I wouldn't do it to someone else...no matter how happy or unhappy the relationship I don't wanna be apart of that. A commitment was made, last names were changed and a wedding has taken place and I don't wanna be the reason it broke apart.

So my question is Do you think dating a married man is better than dating a single man? past experiences...present experiences....or just ur thoughts I wanna know....


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Why would any self-respecting woman knowingly date a married man? This is all a bunch of bullsh*t. I really have a problem with women like that and the married men who think it's ok! I feel you on the second best thing. I demand to be the ONLY. In situations such as these, feelings are always going to get involved and then what? Usually the woman is left high, dry, and bitter but you ALLOWED yourself to get caught up in this bs. The man is married! He's not leaving his wife for you! No matter how unhappy he claims to be, it's cheaper to keep her. Entertain someone who isn't attached! What's the harm in doing that? Then these women complain about all men not being shit when all the men they deal with are attached. B*tch YOU ain't shit! Ugh...this #grindsmygears

Lipglass and Handbags said...

It's never acceptable to date a married man. It's a selfish and disrespectful. However, as the saying goes, some women will ALWAYS be number 2 they aren't meant for anything else. It's obvious that the man is about anything respectful but every woman should think about how she would explain to her kids where there daddy is when they ask, how she would breakdown divorce to her babies, how she would feel when all she wants to do is spend her life, happily with someone, waiting for him to come home BUT he's with someone else...sharing those things with them. It's no excuse for it and I have NO respect for women that impede on any kind of relationship ESPECIALLY A MARRIAGE!!!

phallatio said...

It's interesting that you say you wouldn't want to be "second best". Even when a woman dates a single man, she has no guarantee that she won't be "second best". Even if she gets married to that man, she may still end-up being "second best" because his heart is with: a) his work, b) his career, c) his friends, d) his mother, e) his mistress, or f) his PC!
It's also worth remembering that single men are often single for a reason! Could be they have unsavoury habits? Could be they are serial cheaters?

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i know you weren't asking me. and i'm hella late with my comment. but i think it's stupid.

me being a man who's married wife was messing with a "god-fearing" man. why ppl break up your house, i'll never understand. not taking the blame from the person cheating on you. but when you knowingly know someone is married/taken...what is the point?

ppl who date ppl who aren't available for anything more than just sex and casual involvement are ppl who don't think they're good enough themselves to deserve more. or that they are "Stealing" something they could not have if all the rules and regulations of a regular relationship were put on them.

dude my chick cheated on me with & later married was a bum in every sense of the word. he was her first love. and he came back into her life as friend quoting bible scriptures to her. then ended up getting her caught up and kicked out. if she wasn't with me at the time. if i wasn't taking care of her, our child, giving her everything she "needed". she wouldn't looked twice at this dude.

he was only appealing because her needs were taken care of and it was the selfishness & thrill of rekindling with her first love that made her look at him as anything other than unsavory. these hoes that sleep with married men are not chicks they'll marry. and even if they do (like my ex wife married ol' dude & been trying to divorce him for longer than they were married) it won't last long.

that 80%/20% rule is true. that 20% only looks good when you got that 80% too.


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