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Friday, February 5, 2010

Part II

I was going to write an long about blog about everything that has happened since HIM confessed his undying love me but that shit would have been to fucking long and overrated cuz its not juicy or interesting...sorry? So here is my short version...we talked about it and decided...* letting the anticipation build*.......................................that we going to let this whole thing run its course...nothing to special nobody is giving up there first born to be together and no one is cutting off there lives to be as one. If all of this is meant to be it shall be and if not then we will try to remain friends maybe not as good friends but at least friends...I shall see its good not to have the pressure on my back to jump feet first into some shit....cuz i hate that feel. We both see where each other is coming from ...so we just gonna play this thing...and that is all...

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Krissy said...

That's actually a very smart plan. That's what I would do as well. No strings so there are no expectations. Good Luck