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Friday, February 12, 2010

taking a break....for real this time

Believe it or not i was debating on writing this all day while i sat at my desk being bored . I originally was going to catch up on my black history posts for the rest of the week but my heart and mind just weren't in to it today i guess. I know a couple t of posts ago i said i was going to take a break from the blog world and focus on the real world but I just couldn't tear myself away from this place. But after my real world got a little bit more real this time I'm sticking to it. I need to sort somethings out in my head before i hit this world full force again. maybe once I get my mind right i'll blog about it or maybe not I vowed after my last Blog about "HIM" i was going to leave the men in my life out of my blog...but after today I don't think this person will be in my life anymore..*wipes tears*

So stay safe out there and keep blogging...Because I ain't posting don't mean I ain't reading...

I'll Holla!!!

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JStar said...

I feel ya girl. Do what you gotta do for YOU...