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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't Make FB your Diary

I had long decided that Facebook was a place of entertainment not a place to connect! Besides stalking Khaki ass on the there...lol..I spend my times laughing at the fools who put all there business on FB...are you serious?!? All your baby daddy drama, cheatin' habits and beef you just gonna post it on the world wide web so the whole world can get a glimpse into how stupid your ass really is. and of course I'm highly entertained by all the foolishness and bullshit i see everyday often i'm ashamed that even know some of these people and also thankful that i have no contact with them outside of fb cuz lawd know i don't wanna be apart of any of that bullshit. Usually I'm not irritated nor bothered my the foolishness that I see but today some lame shit caught my eye which had led to this blog.

While scanning through the pic that people post I ran across this dude that I personally think is lame as can be he is one of those dudes who try too hard and because one chick gave him some play he think he is gods gift to women..*side eye* I flipped through his pic to see how he was stroking his own ego today.. and paused at a folder label Nikki Monae...I don't know what made me click the damn album but when i did i couldn't believe the shit i was seeing and reading. There was picture after picture of a cue chick, at first I didn't think much about it nor read the comment until i realized the pictures were getting racier and racier as i clicked and then I realized that these photos was person shi that she probably sent while in a relationship with this lame dude. I go back to the beginning and sart reading the comments....smh...smh...smh...the shit i was reading was upsetting..mostly him talking about how much of hoes she is and inbox him for her number so he can let whomever have her number so they can find out for themselves....i click another pick and its him talking to his cousin via comment about how he keep a bad joint on his arm and this bitch deserve all the drama he gonna send her way.. * extreme straight face* Are you serious dude?! Did you really just do that?!? So what grade are we in?!...the more I clicked the more I wanted to punch him ..that had to be BITCHASSNESS at its finest *looks around for Diddy* . I swear I only thought females ever did shit like that but apparently i was wrong..... Facebook is not your diary, you not be on there posting your deepest darkest nor showing how bad a chick broke your heart by trying to get back at her on FB. Frankly sir its make you look weak and a bitch doing some petty shit like that you might thought it made her look bad but in reality it showed how much of a lame you really are. I'm sure some people forget that Fb is not the place for your personal affair, i guess sometimes people get caught up in the moment and find it a great place to vent *straight face* but its the world wide web people that shit can be viewed by just about anybody we has access and what you want is for this people to know your inner most thought...you think people care in reality they are laughing at your silly ass for being blinded to think that Facebook is place for that type shit. I swear it needs to be sometime of disclaimer when writing status, posting wall comments and new photo albums reminding people that facebook is not your diary please keep your business to yourself because I'm sure you are in the process of embarrassing yourself!

Death to Facebook the Diary!


khaki la'docker said...

Dont u be stalking me on facebook LOL

And shame on that corny ass dude for putting his ex out there like that. Thats bitch shit

Traci Lavette said...

All I can say is "Wow!"...Facebook is on some other shit and people on there acts a damn fool ALL DAY! Grown ass people, at that. I wonder if she knows that he got her on there like that because she would for sure have a case against that ass if she found out!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

smh...as crazy as it sounds. the sad thing is he's wasting all that energy trying to "give her a bad name". he looks stupid to you and probably any other chick who would have possibly thought he was a good guy at one point or time.