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Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Thought Of The Day...

Ooo, JHud how love theee..oh JHud you lost all that weight and now your head looks to big for your body!

So the wedding Invites are starting to roll in...*straight face* I'm over it already...where is my knight in shining armor or a shining BMW either or!

One of my friends said to me today I like girls but love dick?!? hmmmm...I'm still confused by that statement but its does explain alot.

Sent a nasty text to my brother that was meant for Lil Richmond :-/>> my life hasn't been the same since.

I need to invest in a hood dictionary because Listening to my little cousin talk and I was totally confused about what he was saying.

I just got upset because this fool didn't know who Kurt Cobain was? Lawd where was in the 1990's

Inmate wives of Baltimore?!? Need I say more...smh

I once was in love with Chad OchoCinco...I have now moved On to Braylon Edwards...I just couldn't move on from that engaged thing Chad i just couldn't.

Studiogenius was right and I was wrong...I shall never confess that again.! ha!

I NEED A DRINK!!! Sometimes i can just smell the patron from a mile away.

I dislike Oprah...alot.. and i don't care! ...lol

I promise i'm gonna stop playing go to the gym....lawd i be trying...

My sister is having another baby and it kinda made me jealous *wipes tears*

I forgot where I saw this but it made me think of my ex and how I will never be ready for that moment.

So disrespect to the natural women of the world but yeah yall can be out of the pocket sometimes. I my hair permed please stop hitting me with the motherland....white America stuff I'm good on that..thanks..

My mother, my mother...just wen I thought she couldn't get any worse she proved me wrong..smh..lawd if she wasn't my mother!

Can I put Rihanna under Oprah on the dislike list...oh yeah....all the Kardashions too!

I think my Aunt just tried to call me a Gold diggin' Hoe on the slide just now...i might have to cut her...lol

I miss those little moments I use to share with a couple of people who aren't in my life anymore or I've just grew far away from....I want those moments back.

I think I'm looking for a personal assistant, instead of a husband. He must cook, clean, run errands, be good with kids, sex he wonderful and his feet can not stink!!



DianaBoss said...

I'm so sorry about the text... That sucks

Studiogenius is often right (shh... I didn't say that either)

I dislike Oprah too! She is extremely irritating!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

You dislike Oprah!!! GASP!! SHOCK!!! You said that in public? It was nice knowing you.


dearly beloved. said...

that second to last one...

I'm right here!!! *hugs*

missss you!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...


i AM always right. it's cool yall don't have to admit it again. i know it.

as for the text to your brother that was meant for lil richmond..smh.

i CONSTANTLY send the wrong chats to my girlfriend and get *sideeyed* like crazy. don't know why she always hits me when i'm talking about totally crazy shit to other folks but she does. in fact i've sent her stupid shit i was saying about her a few times. yea....stupid.

(*whispers*..i still wanna know what the text said....)