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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ta Dah!

February marks me being a good girl and not a having as i promised for myself until May 2011!

It has must harder than I thought it would ever be...*sigh* you don't realize how much you are surrounded by alcohol until you stop drinking it! I swear everywhere I go its a bottle of Ciroc, Wine, Tequila they have been haunting me since I have them up after New year's. And since I'm not drinking anymore it has left me with lots of free time because every weekend my friends are out drinking and I'm sitting in the house! I could go out with them but i think its just to tempting for my soul to handle...I know i would break down and srink if in the club so I stay clear of those places....and since I had this heart to heart talk with StudioGenius about my partying habits i decided to chill on that ...but that is awhole another blog for a different day...

anyway , because of all this new found free time, i found myself doing more stuff in my house , well maybe just my room...I ran out and brought a new sheet set with matching blanket and I was so excited about it...why..idk but it just made me happy ..lol..the little things matter when you don't drink i guess! and to add even more to my new found free time I decide to paint...pause..yep painting...let me say I don't have a home decor bone in my body but for some reason the Martha Stewart in me came out....in which I named Mar'Keysha Stewart. I ran myself off to the craft store and dropped almost 100 dollars on the supplies i needed to paint. At first Mar'Keysha wanted to paint the whole room but then Sunshine clicked back and in and said "heffa please we aint even doing all that"...so instead I painted a couple of pictures so my walls would look so plain and.....


Mar'Keysha Stewart did a great job...well i would say great but a good job it turned much better than I thought it would since I have never panted a day in my life...and since the bedroom art is done..i'm thinking about taking my talents to the kitchen and maybe even the living room! Lawd knows i have more than enough time because the no drinking thing is going on until May!


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

You better GET IT Mar'Keysha Stewart! Let me put in my request for an original now before you get all famous and er'thang. LOL! After my drunken hungover weekend in Tally, I swore never to touch that hard stuff again...and I've been doing quite well. I'll only drink wine when I'm out...xxnay on the patron and ciroc! Pray for my willpower because I'll be back in Tally again next weekend! Soooo yeah, ju can duuu eeeat (in my Mexican voice)

K. Rock said...

Those pictures are really cute. I like abstract kind of art like that. Mar'Keysha did her thang!

Monique said...

Those look great!

Anonymous said...

Looks great girly. Diggin it.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

so basically you're blaming me for becoming the hood picasso?

i'm saying. no drinks and now you making paintings and shit? lol.

*taking a step back...*

who are you? and where is DC? *waving a drink in the air*...come may you're gonna be such a drunk. lol

(nice paintings...you're like one of those ppl who get high and start creating a lot of cool shit).