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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Miss He!

I miss him alot...a whole lot...although we are still friends and talk from time to time....we don't have that connection we use to have. I decided awhile back that in order for Lil Richmond and I to really...I mean really work I had to let Bird go.... It was a hard thing to do...not because the sex was GREAT but because he has always been there for me....When I didn't have any friends he was that....when I need someone he has always been that for me. I miss our late night talks about nothing, our inside jokes and our heart felt moments its hard keeping so far away from me. It had to be done though I had to do this I didn't realize how much is was going to hurt me! Someone asked me the other day if I feel this way why don't we just be together? lls I get that often when it comes to him but we could never be we are too much alike for it to ever work and besides I don't think I could ever ever really trust him ever after the having a baby incident....

We still talk but just not like we use to, I know he has noticed that change he even spoke on it once but he also knows that my feeling and heart runs deep for Lil Richmond and this had to be done...he calls we talk....i may call him...we talk and that its no hanging out, no sharing secrets just blah of a convo...

I MISS HIM ALOT!!!! *wipes tear*

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