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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storytellin' Time

*takes off shoes* *sitting Indian style on the floor and opens book*

It was one of my friends 25th birthdays and we decided to take ourselves to this new hotel with a club planted on there top floor…we dropped big $$$ to get in then hopped on the all glass elevated headed to the top, made some small talk with some business guys on it and before we knew it VIP was where we was at. The alcohol flowed all night and of course we drank…shot after shot of patron…but whatever else the bartender was serving! Sooooo all is blur from the car ride…which I drove *cover eyes* until my driveway I found myself @ 4:30am sitting in the driveway Indian style picking up everything that I fallen out of my purse smdh…lawd must have been on my side that night cuz anything could have gotten me……

Now lets fast forward…..

I wake up in the morning head pounding and my bladder full, I run to the bathroom and trip over a white shirt…I stop and say “self u wore all black last night where did that comes from?* but of course I paid it no mind and rushed in the bathroom. I come out to just wrap myself in the covers and sleep my life away when I almost shit myself when I see another body laying in my bed… a man’s body at that! My throat goes dry, I can hear my heart beating out of my chest and I can’t breath... who in the hell could this be? I run to the window look outside no car is park out front besides mine so now I’m really in panic mode….I call my friends and they are just as hungover as me and have no clue what happened after I dropped them off….So what in the hell Sunshine?!? Did u pick some random dude up at the gas station and don’t remember….


ByHisGraceOnly said...

LMAO I can't wait to hear the ending of this story!

K. Rock said...

Awww nawwwwwwwwww. What in the world? Please tell what happened!

Monique said...

What in THE hell?! I so need to hear who this was lying beside you. LOL

JStar said...

On No lol..