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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The day before I had called it all off, I was just sick of him and sick of it all...I might have said it all out of anger but who cares I need to make a point and this was the only way to get through. After his response to our break up was just an simple"cool" I knew I needed a break.

I spent most of the night getting woke up every 30 mins by this random number..of course I didn't pick up I thought to myself if it was important they would leave a message but around 8am I gave in and answered it. The call was short and straight to the point..."He's in ICU and you need to come down"...I froze for a couple of seconds just knowing I heard the caller wrong...the familiar voice wasn't usual joking self...I could hear the concern in his voice. I didn't have to think twice nor debate all the yelling and the cussing that went down the day before meant nothing to me now, I just needed to get to him. I grabbed the first of everything I saw stffed it in a bag and trying to make this 2 hour trip a hour trip. I couldn't think anything on my ride there but how what we fight over is so stupid not even worth what was going on right now...I was so wrapped up in if he was ok I bit my nail instead of my stomach and craked the hell out of.

When I finally arrived at the hospital I didn't have enough strength to get out of the car....all of the if's started running through my mind I wanted to cry but instead I prayed that this wasn't our last time together that god would grant him a little bit more time. Seeing him barely breathing and chest moving so fast it brought everything into perspective. I loved him and it was no doubt about it and him not being here anymore....

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Kali said...

so im reading and reading. I get to the end and cant wait for the next entry!