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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sitting with him for the next couple of hours we never spoke one word about what had went down the nigh before it was all water under he bridge now. He couldn't be ok and that was the biggest matter at hand.

The nurse came in whisked him away to get a cat scan, he was still getting extra help to breath from his oxygen mask...I watched him leave that room and thought to myself that if he didn't return back to normal I didn't know what i would do. Of course we fight, yell, and scream at each other...sometimes spend days not talking but I couldn't image me without him...life moving forward without having him to call upon. We would listen my crazy dreams, agree with me when my friends are wrong, tell me some encouraging when I think all is lost. He is the one who makes it all right when it all is going wrong...the sound of his voice still makes me smile and I still smh listening to some his country boy theories. I sat in that hospital room all alone with my closed fighting back a couple of tears, I silently prayed once again that we would out of this hospital and everything would be fine...

Morning jumped at us fast and he was almost back to normal, cracking jokes here and there...flirting with the nurses *side eye* Everyone cooed over him and I just sat back and watched its been years and years since I ever felt anything close to how I feel about him. I know complain about him alot, give him a hard time but in the end he is the one who makes my heart beat fast, the one has showed me what love was. We really didn't say to much to each other while I was there, a couple of rubs of the hand and a are you ok but never too much, even on the car ride home he sat quietly and I drove. I got him together at home and his mother arrived and I knew that was my cue to head back to dc but before I left he grabbed my arm pulled me in close and whispered in my ear "I Love You Too and I just wasn't ready to leave you yet"


Monique said...

Is this a true story because I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open

sunshinestar110 said...

lol @ Mo...it was it happened to me last week! *smiles*