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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thanks Starrla!

*clears throat* Big ups to baby jesus and his daddy for making this possible...special shout out to blogger...I owe you one and last and not least to my girl Starrla Monae...we all we got! and to the hood we doing big things now *drops mic*

List 7 random things about yourself, pass the award to 15 bloggers
and answer a couple of questions....

7 Random things about me...

I lie to waiters at restaurants and sat i'm allergic to tomatoes
so they won't put them in my food.

I love animal print especially leopard.

Eyeshadow...i got to have it...and some i never even use.

I hate wearing shoes...I drive barefoot during the spring and summer.

I have picked baby names according to whom i think i'm going to marry..lol

I despise brown liquor..remy, henny, i just can't

I hate pop music....and everything about pop music.

Q and A session

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Song: Tamia- Move on my heart

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate lava cake

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who bite their nails...yuuck

When You are Upset, You: Cry and drown my sorrows in candy

Your Favorite Pet: Blue tongue skink

Black or white: Black

Biggest Fear: Being Alone for the rest of my life

Best Feature: My boobs!

Everyday Attitude: I hate to ignored..i listen...you listen

What Is Perfection: I'm stealing Starrla's answer True Love

Guilty Pleasure: Cotton Candy Ice cream and sprinkles.

and the award continues on...

So since most of my bloggers are Starrla's i'm going to do a couple of them...

The Notorious ZAG at BIGG BADD WOLF


Monique said...

Damnit, I've been tagged. LOL Good because I needed something to blog about it. Thanks hun.

OMG I hate tomatoes too but I am actually slightly allergic.

I drive barefoot all the time. I have to remove my driving shoe year-round though.

K. Rock said...

Hey-o!! I've been tagged.

IThe same way you feel about shoes is the way I feel about socks. I hate them year round.

Clear liquor is my drink of choice but I cannot resist a Grand Marnier and Coke.