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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I had a couple of blogs I have been dying to write and every time I attempted to…I found myself doing other things…smdh…Lawd knows I need to do better!!!

Random Thoughts!

My 29th birthday is 15 days away and I’m so not feeling it.

Working these 9 hours days and going to school is draining me…dry…I have no energy to do anything but sleep…and sometimes eat.

I have been having dreams about Ace Hood…..I might be in love lmaooo

The screenshot feature was one of the worst things that ever happened to people because I know I stay grabbing a shot and sharing the foolishness with others….

Instagram….the best way to see that some ppl have no lives at all….with that said follow me @juiceboxbunny

My brother is having his 40th bday party in July….but he was born December…smh I’m so confused r rather he confused.

I’m taking a break from purchasing anymore shoes until…July 31st! lawd pray for me.

The Jordan retros showed up to my house the other day…and I was so excited about it…and then it set in that they aren’t even for me…*sigh*

I can’t stand this midget I work with.

I can’t stand with jolly green giant I work with.

My boss is the sweetest guy in the world but his breath smells like hot trash all the damn time…all the time…even when he chews gum….

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