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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Honeyyyyy..It’s ok to be alone. It’s ok not always be attached…it’s ok to sleep alone at night…it’s ok not to be a part of a couple. Trust me love, it is perfectly ok to be alone. Take time out for yourself, be a singular instead of plural trust me it’s ok. Jumping from relationship to relationship is not a good look for you at all.  You don’t need him to define you or make you stronger I believe you can do it all on your own.  It makes me wonder about you and what is going or has gone on in your life that you have become a relationship jumper. I have watched you meet a man..fall madly in love and move right on in with him., not knowing too much about him. I have wiped your tears and came to the rescue when that same dude changed the locks and put you out. I swore that was awake up call for you but in a drop of a dime you were right back with him. When u finally ended that relationship I was so proud but then in a drop of a dime we were right back at the beginning…this time with a new guy and before I knew it in love u came out your mouth and living with him was the move.  I didn’t bother to voice my opinion because I know you just don’t know what it is like to be alone.  You can’t be happy being a relationship jumper, you can’t be happy with living from boyfriend to boyfriend and thinking the slightest feel you get from him is love. Being interested has that same tingle don’t be confused by it, Love. I am forever your friend but your friend would love for you to do better…loooovvvve for you to do better.  How would you ever know who you are if you are always a part of a team, ride the bench sometimes, take a moment and breathe without sucking in stale air.  Hell, find a hobby besides relationships because to be quite honest you are not very good at those to begin with.  Ride solo for a minute, let the wind blow through your hair and once the ride is over find a man…..but don’t jump too fast back into his home…in his mentions. Define you first ma’am before you define yourself with a man ending the sentence.  I can’t really blame you too much for your way, I know where you come from, you were kind of misguided I just want you to make it better, not being part of a pair before you even know what it is like to be by yourself.  Ma’am you are making yourself way to available to these dudes, you are way too dependent on them, giving up way too much control…..Do you ever have the desire to sleep alone…layin the middle of the bed instead of the left side…Do you want to feel like you are completely on your own, instead of being a dependent and for that much you could’ve stayed at your mama house.

Don’t be the girl who needs a man, be the girl a man needs. 

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