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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You Need A Thug In Your Life?

I didn’t realize how much I love lil scrappy until I started watching Love And hip Hop Atlanta.  I don’t if its because I love southern men, or I do love a thug from time to time or the fact that I’m a huge hornball.  What I do know is last night’s episode confirmed that I’m in love with him.  So back in the day when I was in love with thugs Scrappy would’ve been the ideal man for me, the sensitive thug type…the type of dude who will put his paws on a dude in a heartbeat but needs you show him so love and affection when he comes home *le sigh* back in m young wild days n I use to live for a thug or two…they were so much fun..lol..And gave me the right amount of aggression that I needed.  But those days faded out and I grew up and knew that was not the life I wanted to live.  I just couldn’t imagine myself still doing hoodrat stuff at 25, or 30 or 35……nor did I want a my future children to be judged when their father shows up to the parent/teacher conference with a tattoo on his face….lol….So I woke up one day and started my rehab process of leaving thugs and their thugs ways alone.  But I do like a man with a little thug in him….a couple of tattoos and on an occasion or tell me to shut the fuck up…smh or as Scrappy would say I wanna put his paw on him…lawddd *fans self*

Lawd let me come back to reality……*deep breath* Scrappy is officially my thug crush and it brings me great joy to know that I will see him for the next couple of Mondays to satisfy my thug love.  Its just something about a street dudes, with pretty teeth, tattoos covering their bodies, a hot temper and a craszy mother that just turns me on!!!  Scrappy has all of that and I think I’m in love!! LOL

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Freckles said...

i hear you.
I have always admored and loved them from afar. I see them and make sure that saw me. I flirted a bit but that is as far as it ever went with me. I will say that I have always had a things for Scrappy and I use to hope to run into him when I lived in Atlanta but I am sure that we travel in differnt circles. lol.