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Monday, October 11, 2010

Every day via bbm I get a broadcast message from one of my favorite people W.J. Sometimes they are funny, some are inspirational and other make you stop what you are doing to think about what is being said and today was no different in that account...it was different because I responded to the message which I never do but the question was so appealing to me I just couldn't leave it alone.

Is it that we are ignorant to the signs of a failing relationship or do we just choose to ignore them?

This was definitely one of those questions that made you stop and say hmmmmm... and that i did...

I don't think we are ignorant to the signs of an falling relationship, in fact I know personally that the signs are there but I always chose to ignore the sign in hopes that things will fix themselves. I have sat in plenty of relationship just hoping and praying that one day that will just come around and we can be happy again. I ignore the signs and then complain about what is not going on with with us with my friends instead of my partner... which leads no discussion in about the relationship which gets us no where. I hate when things go down hill i try my hardest to keep things together so no one can say that I didn't try hard enough.

But on the other hand does the other person even recognize or realize that the relationship failing.....

I want to hear from yall!!!


JStar said...

Yea, we truly ignore until we cant ignore any longer...Until we say enough is enough...

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

We aren't ever ignorant to the signs...women especially. When you've invested time and emotions into someone, no matter what the situation looks like you want with all your power for it to work. He can be the biggest piece of shit but until you are sick of tired of being sick and tired, you aren't going to go anywhere. Our intuiton tells us all that we need to know but it is up to us to make the right moves.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

i don't think we're ignorant either. and it's not just women. men aren't ignorant to the signs..just a lot of times we don't care enough to stop it from failing.

that's the misconception. when a man really cares. anything you do..anything that even for a second seems in any kinda way like you're about to leave he's gonna react. he's gonna change. he's gonna tell you not to go. he's gonna do something. the clear sign that a man doesn't really care is if you're putting the signs out there and he's not doing anything. if he can't tell the relationship is ending..he's not really invested.