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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PRIDE....Day 1

Seven Great Things About Yourself...

1. I'm a great event planner! I can throw something together at a moments notice and make sure it comes out nice!

2. I have great calves! which makes my legs look great..its from from all my years of being a cheerleader..Thanks Mom for making me do it!

3. I'm a great Actress i don't know if that is a good or bad thing but I can definitely put on show if need be.

4. I'm a great listener. I think that why people drop so much of their business onto me.

5. I'm a great debater!! If i feel strongly about something then it is on!!

6. I'm a dancer!! lol..not like that but if i feel it i just break out dancing no matter the time or place.

7. My eyes...I proud myself on my eyes..I've always been told how they nice and deep they look!


Freckles said...

a break out dancer huh. Alright sis, I hear you. LOL.

debater and listener - good listening always makes for a great debater

khaki la'docker said...

and a great lover... and a very funny person... and a great manager

Hot Pank in the house!!!!!!!!

K. Rock said...

I love to plan events too! And dance!

I love self love.

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

let's see..throw something together + great calves + actress + listener + feel strong about something, then it's on + dancer + eyes = you'se a stripper ain't you?


just messing. i def. believe the debater part. cause you swear you telling me off all the time. but the dancer..nope. everyone knows go-go dancing isn't REAL dancing.."sit down"..lmao

sunshinestar110 said...

@freckles for some reason i just feel the vibe and just have to dance i think its because i was ignored as a child and need a little attention from time to time lol

@Khaki you are so good to me boo!! Hot pank is gonna be the hottest mc on the block lol

@Unpretentious lol..i think in a past life i might have been stripper...the boys like it that is all that matters...and excuse me i do be telling you off sometimes you be getting out of hand from time to time Atl!!


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