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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lust.....Day 7

Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets

1. I don't like to kiss *pauses so yall can get the ooh and owww's out* I will do it but its not a big thing for me...now don't get me wrong i love a great kisser it is just not a huge thing for me *shrug*

2. I'm kind of a prude when it comes to sex...lol...its rare that i ever discuss sex with my friends and if i do i say little to nothing.

3. I'm a nympho!! I have to have it morning, noon and night!!! I feel for my future husband!! lol

4. I'm a flirt!! its true i flirt with everybody..anywhere...it's kind of funny because it happens so often that i rarely notice i do it.

5. This has to be the first time in my life i actually believe that i am in love! i have never had feelings like this for anyone and i have to say it feels wonderful.

6. I'm a light off kind of girl...I like the mystery of what is happening..it turns me on.

7. I love romance!! i love receiving little love notes and finding random things that remind me of him!


dearly beloved. said...

no kissy?

girrrrl, the right kiss can get it POPPING!! & by popping I mean, all up in my pants!! LAWWWD!

tmi? sorry?

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

1. *mouth open..dropping chips on the ground..* oooh owwww

2. i hate you. lol..well yanno i don't hate you DC, but i hate the prude in you. lol..i'm gonna do a surgery and take her out. it won't hurt, but it might tickle..

3. this follows the "i'm a prude" statement. gets some quarters, nickles, & dimes..we bout to make you make some cents (sense)...

4. i was a huge flirt. but jealous chicks have weened me off of that. now i resist the urge to randomly tell a 63 year old woman that she is beautiful just to see her smile. all cause "boonquisha" be getting all jealous and shit..

5. yanno i think that's great, wonderful, the best..and awwww @ you lol

6. you like the lights out cause you be clipping coupons in the dark. it's okay...we know your secret.

7. you already know how i feel bout this...so yea.

JStar said...

I am not a big kisser either...Its sacred to me, so I have to have very intense feelings for someone to go there...

I am a HUGE flirt...Not meaning anything by it, it is just who I am...

princessvalecia said...

LOL I'm huge on kissing!! All about the smooch fest! And prude and nympho?? What and odd combo LOL Loved the post!

Freckles said...

Dude, I love kissing - well that is no secret. Ive talked about it but HE must be a great kisser.

I talk about sex often. I am the sex go to for my friends. They know that there are no judgements and I am all about it. Its the manish part of me but I would not call you prude. Just private.

5, I am so frickin happy and mildly jealous at the same time. LOVE ON SIS

6. You should always do it with the lights on first to make sure the tool is completely kosher = lol.


Krissy said...

I love kissing. And his skills have to be great or else, no more kissing for him. Actually probably no more us dating. I can't deal with bad kissing

Prude? Really? Yea u need to knock that off lol

Nympho, yea, me too lol

I flirt often but its selective. Folks get to thinking you want to date because they don't get how innocent flirting can be.

Love is awesome and we should all experience it. Its a beautiful thing *blushes for u* lol

I don't care if the light or on or off, its still gonna go down! Lol but I must say, I like to watch and be watched its sexy :)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I feel you on most of these!! Wow! We differ on the kissing part. I am a huge kisser and I CAN NOT live without kissing.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Great post!

I moved BTW: http://curvaceousstef.blogspot.com/