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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aunt Wendy!!

I love the Wendy Williams Show! I TIVO it all the time...I secretly hoping that if I don't go to Chicago that my friends will take me to a taping of it ...hint..hint.. Anywhoo...Wendy always talks about having celebrity friends.....that are only her friends in her head...At first I thought she was crazy for this strong imagination but after listening to her talk about them and how she has conversations with them...in her head that I realized i do it too! And I don't care if yall judge me!! lol..

There are couple of friends in my head but the only I probably channel the most is Wendy Williams herself! Well Aunt Wendy is what I image she would be.....lol..I know might sound crazy but she kind of reminds me of one of my over the top Aunt"s who i don't get to see or talk to often....but I have many conversation with Aunt Wendy..in my head of course...she is sometimes the defining factor in many of my decisions ...I say what would Wendy do or say? lmaoooooooooooo...She is just loud and ghetto just like she is...The big hair, huge boobs and that how u dering is always there! I learned from watching Aunt Wendy' s show that she gives good advice and its usually straight with no chaser and I love that about her...sometimes you don't want it sprinkled with sugar or sealed with a kiss...So mu Aunt Wendy in my head provides all that plus more.Matter of act i had a convo with my Aunt Wendy in my head today about some shady shit i think was going down behind my back and of course she offered some great advice lls ..ok so I'm going to end this post before yall think I'm crazy or gone crazy lmaooooooooooo


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I love me some Wendy Williams too! When I went to the taping of her show I had the best time!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

yea...you & aunt wendy can go pick up them jackets that lock your hands up and sleep in the padded room.


wendy only has imaginary friends cause she made the real ppl mad as hell for like 16 years and shit. that the way she could talk to them was in her head. don't get me wrong. i wish her show was like her radio show. she holds herself back too much. if i had pissed everyone off, i'd stick to my guns instead of trying to play nice for tv. yanno half the ppl on her show she probably go home and talk so much shit about them lol


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