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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random thoughts of the hour...

I have a strong hatred for people who draw their eyebrows on....smh...why did u shave them all off then why?

I'm over the winter! I can't be living my life on the edge every week because it might snow! Spring where are you?!

I guess the honeymoon stage is over for him and I this is when people start being who they really are...lawd i hope i can handle it..lol

I haven't had a drink in almost a month..*sigh* I need a drink bbbaaaaddddd...

Because I am so jealous of these damn trips that Starrla Monae is taking that I shall get in plan mode to get one together for the summer....I need a beach and waves in my life!

My friend is having a baby with a Murderer....*blank stare* yeah..thats all i have to say about that.

I brought the sims 3 to play on my laptop....................I'm addicted to it! lol

I need to find some new books to read so I can curve my addiction to the sims 3

I'm a closest porn watcher...lol... and no i'm not watching porn in a closest!

I'm having Silent Sex!!....no one will understand until its happens to you...

I use to love this Keri Hilson song...pretty girl rock *sigh* but once i saw these hood rats dance to it..it changed my mind...

I have checked my BB 5 times in the last 10 minutes..is this what my life has come to...i cabn't live without it

My 28th birthday is this year*rolls eyes* I'm not so excited about it..

Everybody is tired of Drake but not i ..there are alot of songs out right now that are only hott becuz of his verse...

I am appalled by the triflen shit that men do and the women who deal with it...

I'm still sitting on getting another tattoo i must not be that serious about it because i still aint got one

I just realized that i spent alot time with Gay men...am I a fag hag?

Why does everyone who walks past my desk feel the need to talk to me about every african american who is in the media....like do you think Kanye is my brother and Mike Vick is my cousin.....

Cinnamon Almonds is all i want right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep...end of thoughts lol


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Although we don't experience "real winters" here, I'm over these rare cool temps for Miami...I want the summer to come and I want it to come NOW!!!!!

When people show you who they really are, believe it! I hope he shows great sides LOL

I cut out drinking that hard stuff after my horrible drunken night in Tallahassee but then I started having only wine or Sangria when I'm out. I had a patron margarita on vacay and it made my stomach hurt :-(

Nooooo don't be jealous! Just get up and go girl! The beach awaits you as well as fruity drinks!

O_o ....a murderer's baby? Let's just hope the baby doesn't take after its father. *bows head and prays*

I think I understand Silent Sex...I used to have alot of it and I did NOT like it!

Hi, I am a BB addict as well. Sometimes I think I see the led light blinking red for a message when it's really not...smh

Are you and I close to 30?? *screams and shakes head no!* Just say you are turning 21 like I did LOL!

Ooooo! I want another tattoo as well but I am afraid. I don't like pain.

sunshinestar110 said...

@starrla It's not bad thing wit his true colors its just much more clear now...we just hold the same traits and we bump heads.

The drinking thing was for a bet...I think I'm going to be scared to drink when these 5 months are up!

GIRL!! I pray to the lord every night he will save the baby because this can't be good.

*sigh* the silent sex is the worseeeeeeeeee thing ever it gives me no motivation..makes the sex so blah... we got to do better.

The number 30 makes my head and stomach hurt! i told myself this is my 25th bday again..i will not accept 30! lol

GET the tattoo Starrla the pain is just for a moment! I can't handle pain neither but i got 9 of them!

K. Rock said...

OK I have to jump in here and defend all my eyebrow artists (like myself). I have to draw mine in. I don't have any!! LOL!! But if I did, I definitely wouldn't shave them off.

I am so ready for spring too. Hopefully only about 6 more weeks of this mess.

28 isn't bad. Believe me it will only get better.

I like Drake too!! I keep it to myself though because alot of folks aren't feeling him.

Cinammon almonds sound so right right now.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

OK, I am really jealous to Starrla's trips too! Damn her! lol

Um, having a baby with a murderer? Are you kidding me? Please sweet baby Jesus tell me you are kidding.

Anonymous said...

I live in southern cali so this winter thing isn't affecting us much. We had some rain and I was over that before it even began. It was 80s this weekend tho. BEE YOU TEE FUL!

Hope those true colors are workable. I hate that stage because I go into relationships being who I'm gonna be throughout and I get to meet a new character a few months in. I haven't had very good experiences with that lol.

I don't drink, but I've been feeling like I need one lately lol

Silent sex? Is someone else in the next room? I'm lost. Please fill me in.

My cousin had a baby with a murderer o-O

I kinda like drake too. His rap talking is kinda snazzy.

I'm going on a vacation in may. A girls 30 trip since myself and all my friends are entering our 30s. Should be good times. We're thinking about an island somewhere.

KellzTheDiva said...

*Bwahahaha My cousin gets SO mad when I stare at her "eyebrows"

*Lowkey,I was reading Starrla Monae's blog thinking the same thing! (Esp the one on the island it takes 34 hours to travel to)

*Ummm did you say Murderer?! Baby Mama betta sleep with her eyes open

*I watch porn! Probably more than I should *bats eyelashes*

*I'm SO addicted to my BeyBerry, as I've named her after Beyonce. I too have hallucinations of my LED light blinking when it's really not. It's sad.

But yeah...that eyebrow thing is a problem for me too. *blank stare at my cousin*

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

yea i don't understand the whole shave off the eyebrows then draw them on thing either..it's like make up your mind...it's gonna be ugly either way.

i'm a bit envious of starrla's constant vacationing too..but that's cause yall know my ass is "car bound" until i get over my flying phobia.

closet porn watcher= is codeword for you watch gay porn.



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