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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's talk about SEX!

SEX! its an subject that pops up often when some of my friends are sitting around talking...good, bad, kinky sex..just sex....hey its a fact of life right?

Anyway in one of our girl talk moments sex was brought up again....shocking right?!? Anyway I sat and listened my friend who shall call Tiffany Blue talkl about how her boyfriend is the greatest thing since the television was invented but....he was lacking in the bedroom area. Yep its true for the past 6 years she has been having less than pleasurable sex...*bbm straight face* Now i didn't relally have much to say about the subject because i just couldn't relate...well maybe a lil bit from past experinces but i try not think about those nightmares.n Tiffany Blue went back and forth with how much she loves him and sees herself with no else but she often zones out or tries to find reasons not to have sex with him...smh...They all gave her their view points on what she should do from coaching him to maybe watching a porno together and showing what she likes but easier sadi than done. Of course you can do all those things but i think once a man is a certain age he is stuck in his ways and the sex probably won't change...WAIT...that just made me sad for her....I'm going to pray to the sex gods for her to get a great session from him before they get married...and amen.

Tiffany Bluie once again expressed her undying love for him and that she just couldn't end there relationship because the sex is terriable and that was petty, shallow and vain....pause....I guess i am all of those things because I (raises hand) Sunshine have ended a relationship or two because i just couldn't deal with the sex *sigh* I didn't just shut them down but i give 3 times trail and after three gfoes you can't get it together then I'm chuckin' the dueces. I'm sorry i just can't see myself spending my time have just sex....not enjoyable sex..just sex not to mention I can't spend the rest of my life having bad sex...lawd help me I would lose my mind..that can't be life. Of course when those words left my mouth some of them judged me and the others agreed with me...Tiffany Blue had alot to say but just for blog time we will just sum it up as she thought I was being young minded and was thinking with my Cookie box instead of my heart *shrugs* maybe...maybe not...Tiffany Blue doesn't think sex plays a big part in a relationship so its not a big deal....oh ok....

Do I think sex plays an Huge part in a relationship......YES!

Do I think GOOD sex plays a part...YES!

Do I want to spend my life running from sex with my husband because its bad...NO!

So because of that I just can't entertain having bad sex...would i end a relationship over sex...yes

Did I feel bad about....hmmm a lil bit but hey i don't think anything could have been because of the lack of successful sex.

Now since tiffany Blue and I wanted to see what other thought outside of our usually circle I'm asking you guys the question...

SEX....Does It Play A Huge Roll In A Relationship?

Would You Stay In A Relationship Where The Sex Was Unsuccessful...bad?


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

If people are dating and the sex is not satisfying the worst thing you can do is marry that person. You should first try and gently coach them on the things you like but if that doesn't work and the sex never gets better then you have to let that go. Things that are unpleasant now becomes unbearable after 5, 10, 15, 20 years. You two will eventually become just roomates in a loveless marriage. There is no way a person can realistically keep up the facade for years and years. Just can't happen.

Shucks, she'll hate to even look at him after awhile. Don't even go through all that.

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Yes! Well, at first anyway. You have to try things something isnt' working. Maybe everything isn't working so If both parties want to move on TOGETHER it has to be worked out. Toys, counselors, porn, outside the bedroom, role playing, afrodisiacs, positions, etc...the list is endless for what they could try but in the end two people need to be compatible and that ALSO means sexually compatible. Otherwise, that is a recipe for the dissatisfied party to find satisfaction elsewhere...outside the relationship. That's never good!

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

to me sex is a tailor made thing. you tailor it to the person you're with. you learn them. you explore them. you listen. then you give it to them.

if you can't be honest, and tell a dude what you like/don't like. if you can't tell him something isn't working..you're cheating yourself. as big as some ppl's egos are they'll enjoy it more knowing you're enjoying it. so stop protecting dudes egos and just tell them. Tiffany Blue is doing them both an injustice. break up due to bad sex? no...

just fix it. if she loves him. and he loves her. they can work something out. unless his dick is the size of a toothpick. and even then he can get really really really good at head and invest in some "power tools"


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