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Monday, November 14, 2011

How Did I End Up Here?

This is definitely not the job that I signed up for. In the interview they both made sure they painted a very clear of what is needed out of me but now that I am here I see that I do everything but what was painted to me. Yep, i got hood winked big time with this job and after only 1 month...yes 1 month I'm already plotting to get the hell out of here. SMH..I was out of work for so long that this job fell into my life at the perfect time i thought everything would be great...yep that is so far from the truth. I do everything for my boss except wipe her ass...When i say she does NOTHING...I men ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for herself. I handle it off not just business but her person work too..smh I handle so much of her person affairs that I don't have time nor the drive to get my own business taken care of. I spend my days talking to her insurance company about her person car accident, her iphone issues, landlord problem anything that has nothing to do with work...yep I'm all in it.

and I have been her a month and i count how many times she has physically came into the office to work...she usually leaves me on my own to figure it all out with no training about much of nothing. Oh lets me mention when she is here she sits in one spot all day lonnnnnggggg, drinking nothing but coke, pepsi and every other dark soda she can think of. I can't believe this is the same woman who has MS but does nothing in her power to do anything healthy to improve her health. I've been here for 30 days and I have almost quit every week since i started...its really that bad. Last friday I hit my breaking point when she sent me the rudest email in reference to a couple of questions I had with "why do ask so any questions, what am i even paying for for?" oh really, I'm new and need some things answered because you clearly don't answer your phone, when I'm trying to get answers from your clients who are ready to pull out on you. I nicely called her and explained to her in my black girl behavior because I think she has lapse of judgement when she talks to people and explained to her you will respect me no matter what the case may be, along with some other things like me not being her child or girlfriend so you need to address me correctly. It took everything in my body, spirit and soul not to pack up my belongings and walk out that door and never look back. I have to think Lil Richmond for calling at my time of need and stopping me from jumping off of the deep end because I am stand at the edge about to jump in.

I pray every morning that I can make it through the day with flipping the hell out because this job will drain your spirit, i count down my ours at work everyday and it brings joy to my heart to know that thanksgiving her coming soon and that means i won't have to see these people for 4 days...4 whole days to get my mind right.


Monique said...

Reading that makes me want to go kick her ass with you!

DianaBoss said...

Oh wow! No beuno! Yeah you need to get up out of there. But maybe if you keep putting your foot doen she will straighten up. She probably needs that from someone.


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