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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tale from the force

It was my first day working my beat alone and everything was easy going until I got that call on my radio. Dispatch, called my number and I was officially in cop mode, I hit my sirens and stepped hard on the gas and I off to catch my first real criminal. When I pulled up everything was in pure commotion, fire tuck roaring, children crying, people screaming I had to quickly get control of the situation. I took page after page of description of what my assailant looked like and as I stood there talking to one last person I could see my culprit just feet away, of course I dropped everything and chased after him. He saw me coming and took off full speed, he ran faster, I ran faster, he turned the corner, I turned the corner finally he hit an dead end and there we were looking at each other face to face. I tired to coach him into giving up but I could tell by the look in his eyes that was not an option and before I knew it he stopped and was running towards me!! My heart was now beating out of my chest, I froze I didn't know what to do next, all I could think was just don't let him get close to you so I RAN!!!

The running began but instead of me chasing him, he was well on my tail. My mind is racing so fast I must've forgot that I had a gun on my hip the whole time, I reach for it and fire one shot, the running stops. I prayed to every god in the world that I hadn't killed him and then asked for forgiveness just in case I did. I walked up on him slowly and got in arm length and the assailant jumps back up!! I couldn't believe this, he just was not going to give up. I turned to run and get a little distance in between us and tripped over the curb and find myself laid flat down on the ground and him approaching fast. I grabbed my gun one more time and fired shots until he wasn't moving anymore. I catch my breath, get my heart rate back normal and finally stand up by this time my back up had arrived and standing next to the assailant. I got over to them and I could hear the snickers and laughter coming from them, their eyes water ed with tears from laughing about my life or death situation. I didn't see any humor in it at first he could have ended my life or harmed me brutally. I stood back and looked at my first real police job, no need to call the detectives in or the corner, I had killed my first DOG! lmao. I can look back on it now and laugh although it left me on desk work for 6 weeks.

Oh by the way I feel so special to know I'm the first to pop Sunshine's guest blog cherry!!! yay me!


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DianaBoss said...

Ahhhh! I love it! First I'm like oh I didn't know she had been a cop!
Then I'm picturing a chip ruining thinking "i have never seen that shit in my life!
Great guest post!


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