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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BGC *thumbs down*

I love reality shows... the trashier the better but after season after seaon of watching the Bad Girls Club let me just say, i shall not and will not anymore. Season 1 I was amused by this out of control women fighting, drinking, and fucking. Season 2 I was on the fence about the show and as time went on I just could not bring myself watch a whole season of it.

The ratings our super high and apparently american's love the show but what exactly is the point of the show to begin with. To make us women look bad? You would think after 8 weeks or however long they are together that something would change...Like why doesn't anyone provide them with the help that they need. They all have their share of problems, Anger being some of their biggest issues, so why are they allowed to run wide a punch each other in their faces. I remember season 1 they said it will be a learning experience and they will come out changed women....hmmmmmm yeah right. They could careless how much they have changed they are too busy trying to be the last man standing to show who is the baddest bitch. It bothers me to see foolishness ever so often. I, confess i do watch all those other shows that make us look bad but for some reason the BGC is the bottom of the bottom. I never in a million years want young girls to think this how women act or something they need to do. I never want young boys to thik that is what women do in this spare time because it is far from the truth. For once I want a reality show being geared to making these women better women. Getting them the help they need addressing their issues so they can be better women, mothers and/or wives. The fact they are placed in party cities do not help the situation it is as if they are setting them up for failure and when fights break out why does the producer act so surprised by what they are seeing or hearing. Oh not to mention we reunite these chicks and watch them once again, curse, spit and fight each other and now why do we think men can be so disrespectful sometimes. Last, night i tried to watch the BGC Las Vegas but 30 minutes in they were drunk and fighting each other..*sigh* and that is when i turned the station. I once enjoyed this kind of entertainment but then I realized that this can be the the picture many people paint of us in their heads. Drunk, fighting, fucking whore...smdh


LakiSwirl said...

I don't do reality tv. I just can't. I'm not down with the entire concept. You take messed up attention starved people and put them in situations that just enable and even promote them to do the most degrading of degrading things, for what?? For a little attention? Some money? 15 minutes of psuedo-fame?? And because these shows are geared toward young impressionable teenagers and young adults who have yet to understand self love and worth, this sh*t gets perpetuated in real life. So now all these "reality celebrities" have to up the ante in order to draw more viewers in a disgustingly saturated market. I can't be a part of it. Plus, I hate chick fights. They fight so.... so..... girly. Pulling hair, ripping clothes? PPPpppfffftttt. Show me some clean left hooks and uppercuts and maybe I'll watch. I watched that episode of Flava of Love where that blond chick spit in that black girl's face and that was it for me. Staged or not, I can't see letting them air footage of me getting spat on for the whole country to see. You gotta really hate yourself and love that dollar to get on tv like that.

K. Rock said...

I totally agree. When I started watching BGC I think about season 4 (or whatever the one with Natalie was)I loved it! But subsequent seasons have just been the exact same thing. I couldn't take anymore. It just got ridiculous. So I barely watched last season and dont even plan to attempt to watch this one.