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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

He Keeps Coming

The mood is always right. All day he calls me at work and whispers nothing but thoughts and dream into my ear. He just doesn't know how much I enjoy those little moments, it send me to a whole another world, I close my eyes and just get lost in the thought of him and I. I try to race home each and every evening because I miss him so much and when I don't come straight home he lingers in my thoughts until I can feel him. I make it home and everything is perfect, dinner is always good and our convo never misses a beat, he is all I dream of and more. He lays down next to me while I caught up on all my trashy shows and never interrupts, while occasionally just to remind me that he is still there, he leaves for head kisses and I can't wait for us to lay together. When I take a shower he always finds his way there, he showers me with his love and I jump out to run to my bedroom just to be with him once again.

I always get excited about this part of the evening, I dry off and set the mood, dim light, the sweets candles are lit and there he lays just waiting for me to embrace him. My heart always skips a beat when I know that this will be the end of a long work day. I replay his sweets whispers and crawl into the bed with him. I wrapped myself up in him and just wait for him to evade my mind and body. We get into the moment and I close my eyes in ecstasy he always knows how to take care me and just like that its over....I open my eyes and see nothing but darkness and he is no longer there. I close my eyes again to give him time to return but he never does, I check my phone to see the time and give him more time and just like that I'm laying alone. lord know I love him, would have him in my life forever, I'm even willing to share him with others but I guess that means nothing to him. Let me tell you about this man I have been having a love affair with for years, from the moment he creeped into my life I never wanted him to leave. For years I have been fucking this dude named INSOMNIA, he keeps coming but I never do.

Someone please call him and tell him that my love for him will die and that just once I would love to feel the ecstasy of him coming and staying for a full 8 hours of sleep.


Freckles said...

YES!!!! I knew you had the words and I hella feel you.

Insomnia has to be male due to his inconsistencies... LOL

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

GIRL! I'm reading like oooooo sookey sookey nah! LOL. I tagged you on my blog. Go check it out!

Reggie said...

Funny.........very funny.

Reggie said...

Funny.........very funny.