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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad Girls Club

I promised myself last year that I wasn't going to watch this fuckin' show no more.....but yet again I glue myself in every Tuesday at 10pm to watch a group of female embarrass themselves and push us back two steps in history. As I watch this show I often wonder where in the hell did they get some of these chicks from? who in the right mind would want to embarrass themselves like this but Oxygen found themselves a group of them. And how exactly is this whole experience helping them at all. They are placed in a house with alcohol, food, a limo, and a pool...soooooo when does the helping part come in? no counselors, no therapist, no nothing just them fight...fucking....drinking and being what some people persevere what women should be.

Last night as I was watching I was kind of appalled by the actions of some of the girls First it was lil Miss Kendra...who on the first episode made it known that she was an member Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Who like any other sorority pride themselves on being role models ,Classy and respectable women....Kendra, they must be so very proud of you and your hoeish ways because you are definitely getting them laughed at. Last night she booty popped on every guy in sight, exposed his ass on more than one occasion at the club and took some random dude home and let him lick her pudding pop...

*sigh* Oh sweetie are you confused about something....She made it clear last night that she doesn't care what anyone thinks but honey you should especially your sorority. Do you think they aren't going to get a peep at you and all the disrespect you are showing yourself and the A.K.A's....I wonder if she ever thought about why lil Marcus from Moesha won't give her any play anymore..because you hoeing sweetie and he wants no part of that. Especially since you are just following the foot steps of...Natalie.

Natalie is one the girls who I really dislike for more than one reason...matter of fact i got a list of them. I have watched her over the past couple of weeks talk about all the "famous" people(which i use famous lightly) she knows. Time after time I see her bring nothing but D-list celebs in..Like Gabe..a D list b-ball player..Gabe Pruitt...I ain't never heard of him and I love basketball I had to Google him to see where in the hell he came from. and I guess because he had a couple of $$$ it was okay for him to say say "we fucking tonight" along with some other disrespectful shit..Then it was Marcus who played on Moesha as her little brother, who ain't' had a job since and last I can't remember him but some tatted up thugged out white boy who is a skateboarder..I think. So I ask once again Natalie...Where are all the famous people you know at? Because if that's your list of celebs then its sad.....real sad....

Anyway last night she was running her mouth like usual..talking shit behind one of the other girls back who heard her and confronted her and of course she denied it..*kanye shrug* Well, Kate threw her shit out the window (which i would have to) and Natalie ran around the house looking for her..threw a couple of shoes and shit but then that heffa did some ole nasty disrespectful, weak bitch shit and spit on Kate.

That nasty Bitch Spit on her...smh... I couldn't believe what I was seeing and then when i tuned into my fb and twitter I could believe all the people saying "I would have spit on her too!" What? Maybe I'm just different, cuz the way I grew up spitting was not an opition at all...only weak people spit. You show that sign of disrespect when you ain't got nothing left. Natalie's bark is so much bigger than her bite. Nasty dirty bitches male or female spit...ewwwww.....thinking about it makes me mad all over again. for all those people who I read this status and what they tweeted about how they would have spit on Kate too...I just want all of ya'll to know that you are just weak ass that bitch for even co signing her spittin' and shit and you should really think about that one because shit like that is liable to get you cut! I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

After last nights show I'm really questioning myself and if I will ever watch that shit again. I sat and thought that We as women fought hard to be seen and respected and these heffa go right on TV and paint us as fool, hoes and stupid. The sad part about that shit is..I'm sure some of them think its cute to seen and treated like hoes. It wasn't that along ago that women were treated like objects, servants and baby makers....The women before us fought long and hard to make us equal to men but clearly these women don't know anything about those times. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that they think all of that is ok. all the trashy clothes they wear, drunkin fights, and hoeing is what they want the world to see us as....just stepping stones cause that's what they are doing. So instead of helping these girls set us back in time..I'm going to stop watching it for now....Sorry Bad Girls club..I love trash I just can't get with ya'll at all.


MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

I wish I had a tv.. cuz I surely would be tuning in just to add my two cents.. But judging from your blog entry it aint nothing but trifeness.. if that's the case.. i'm not missing shit.

khaki said...

This show is like a damn train wreck... I must watch it. That chick Natalie and her Quagmire chin kills me every time.

RoByn LaTice said...

I with you on the spitting. Kate should have gotten up and whooped her ass, seriously. That shit just shouldnt have been overlooked. SMh, and Im pretty much addicted to watching it now...so um I will continue!